"There's Nothing To Be Afraid Of" - Gavin Friday

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In early 2023, it was announced that Gavin Friday would be involved in bringing his version of Peter and the Wolf to life as an animated film for HBO Max. As part of the film, Bono, who painted the images used in the original version, will appear at the start and end of the film. Additionally, a new song has been created for the end credits of the film, written by Bono, Friday and Maurice Seezer.

The digital single contains two versions of “There’s Nothing to Be Afraid Of” – a version with lyrics performed by Gavin Friday, and an instrumental version. As Bono’s involvement is via the lyrics of the song, we have not included the Instrumental version in our database.

The song, “There’s Nothing to Be Afraid Of” will be released as a digital single on October 17, 2023. On October 20, 2023, a full soundtrack for the film will be released on vinyl and CD, but will not contain this new song.

More information on the film (airing October 19 on Max), and the soundtrack (released on October 20) and book can be found in our news stories below.

Liner Notes

There’s Nothing to Be Afraid Of
Written by Gavin Friday, Bono & Michael Heffernan.
Produced by Gavin Friday, Michael Heffernan & Alistair Norbury.
Recorded by Michael Heffernan at The Clinic Studios Dublin. Strings Arranged by Kenneth Rice.
Performed by Gavin Friday. Michael Heffernan – Keyboards, Programming. Karen Cowley – Piano, Keyboards, Backing Vocals. Katherine Deal – Bass, Guitar. Kenneth Rice – Violin. Lynda O’Connor – Violin. Ed Creedon – Viola. Ailbe Mc Donagh – Cello. Carlsbad – Backing Vocals.

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