"On Grafton Street" - Griffith, Nanci

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On Grafton Street (Studio Version) – Nanci Griffith (4:02)

Background Information

Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen worked on the album “Flyer” by Nanci Griffith on some downtime from U2. Clayton appeared on three songs, and Mullen appeared on the same three plus one other. Larry Mullen is even credited with remixing several of the tracks that he appeared on. This track, “On Grafton Street” is one of the songs on which both Larry and Adam appear, and is one of the songs which Larry has remixed for inclusion on the album. The version released here is the version found on the album itself, and not the rarer version which featured only on early promotional versions of the album.

The track features the Chieftains on instrumentals as well as Clayton and Mullen and several other band members.

The promotional single was released without any inserts, and is a plainly identified CD with only text on a baby blue coloured CD.

Liner Notes

On Grafton Street:
Words and Music by Nanci Griffith and Fred Koller. Nanci Griffith: Lead and Harmony Vocals, Guitar. Pat McLaughlin: Supporting Vocal. James Hooker: Piano. Bill Dillon: Mandolin, Guitar. Adam Clayton: Bass Pedals, Bass Guitar. Larry Mullen Jnr: Drums, Percussion. The Chieftains: Paddy Moloney: Penny Whistle. Sean Keane: Low Fiddle. Martin Fay: High Fiddle. Matt Malloy: Flute. Derek Bell: Harp. Engineered and remixed by David Leonard. Remixed by Larry Mullen Jnr.

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