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This boxed set contains twenty three 5-inch CDs or twenty five 12-inch vinyl records, documenting the entire career of Herbert Grönemeyer. The set was released in late 2016 in Germany. There are two appearances by Bono in the CD box, he appears on vocals on the song “Mensch” taken from Grönemeyer’s album I Walk and he appears on vocals on “Stuck in a Moment You Can’t Get Out Of” which Grönemeyer performs live in concert. On the vinyl box set Bono appears only on “Mensch” from the album, and the live track is not included.

The box set was put together to celebrate Herbert Grönemeyer’s 60th birthday. The box includes all of his studio albums, a select set of live albums, and the soundtracks for The American and A Most Wanted Man as well as a CD of rare tracks and one of remixes.

The box set was designed by Walter Schönauer, art director of Tempo, Vanity Fair and Rolling Stone. Also included is a book of rare photographs, including photographs by Grönemeyer’s friend Anton Corbijn.

The other versions of “Mensch” included in the box set do not include Bono, and Grönemeyer has released this song in a number of past incarnations before recording the version with Bono.

This is the first time the track has been released in an audio format, however, it had been previously released in a video format. In 2007, Bono joined Herbert Grönemeyer onstage in Rostock Germany to perform Grönemeyer’s 2002 song “Mensch” at an anti-poverty concert. In August 2012, Bono would once again join Grönemeyer on stage to sing the same song, as well as to perform “Stuck in a Moment You Can’t Get Out Of.” It is this performance from 2012 that features in this box set, as well as on the previously released DVD, I Walk Live. The DVD also includes the performance of “Mensch” from that night, this box set does not.

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