"Building the Wrecking Ball" - Harris, Emmylou

Promotional Release

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Full Track Listing:

  • Where Will I Be (Studio Version) (4:15) – Emmylou Harris
  • Goodbye (Studio Version) (4:52) – Emmylou Harris
  • All My Tears (Studio Version) (3:42) – Emmylou Harris
  • Wrecking Ball (Studio Version) (4:49) – Emmylou Harris
  • Deeper Well (Studio Version) (4:17) – Emmylou Harris
  • Sweet Old World (Studio Version) (5:06) – Emmylou Harris
    Also contains 11 interview questions, and 11 interview answers, as well as a track of closing words.

Background Information

In the mid-90s on a break from U2, Larry Mullen Jr found himself playing on an album by Emmylou Harris being produced by Daniel Lanois. Larry performed on 8 of the final tracks on Emmylou Harris’ “Wrecking Ball” album, and five of those songs on which Larry performs are included here. This promotional release “Building the Wrecking Ball” was issued in advance of the album to radio. Included are six tracks from the album (five with Mullen) as well as an interview with Emmylou Harris and Daniel Lanois.

The interview is conducted by journalist Anthony DeCurtis. Each question is tracked separately, and each answer by Harris and Lanois is a separate track. This allowed radio programmers to play just the answers, or play the whole interview as originally conducted. Some of the interview answers have music from the album played in the background of the conversation.

The promotional release came in a digipack package, with unique artwork. The CD is held internally in a pocket.

Liner Notes

Written by Steve Earle. Daniel Lanois: Mandolin, electric guitar, acoustic guitar. Malcom Burn: Piano. Larry Mullen, Jr.: Hand drum, drum kit. Tony Hall: Shaker, bass. Steve Earle: Finger picking, acoustic guitar.

All My Tears:
Written by Julie Miller. Emmylou Harris: Acoustic guitar. Daniel Lanois: Bass, electric guitar, mandolin, chant vocal. Malcolm Burn: Piano. Larry Mullen Jr.: Drums. Daryl Johnson: Keyboard bass, harmony vocal, chant vocal.

Wrecking Ball:
Written by Neil Young. Daniel Lanois: Electric guitar, percussion. Malcolm Burn: Piano, tambourine, vibes. Larry Mullen Jr.: Drums, cymbal. Sam O’Sullivan: Roto wheel. Tony Hall: Bass. Neil Young: Harmony vocal.

Deeper Well:
Written by Dave Olney, Daniel Lanois, Emmylou Harris. Daniel Lanois: Electric guitar. Malcolm Burn: Keyboards. Larry Mullen Jr: Drums. Tony Hall: Bass. Daryl Johnson: Harmonic bass.

Sweet Old World:
Written by Lucinda Williams. Daniel Lanois: Guitar, mandolin, bass pedals. Malcolm Burn: Slide guitar, piano. Larry Mullen Jr: Drums. Lucinda Williams: Acoustic guitar. Steve Earle: Acoustic guitar. Richard Bennett: Tremolo guitar. Neil Young: Harmony vocal, harmonica.

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