"Wrecking Ball" - Harris, Emmylou

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  • Wrecking Ball (Studio Version) (4:49) – Emmylou Harris

Background Information

In 1996 Larry Mullen joined Daniel Lanois on Emmylou Harris’ new album “Wrecking Ball” during a period of downtime with U2. Larry Mullen performed on eight tracks on the album, including this one from the first promotional single, “Wrecking Ball”. also present on the recording of this song, is Larry’s drum tech, Sam O’Sullivan who is credited with the “Roto wheel”. Neil Young shares vocals with Emmylou Harris on this track.

The promotional single was released with a single track, and features the album version of “Wrecking Ball”. Full photographic inserts are included, with different artwork from the album itself. The inside front cover is also printed and contains quotes about the release of the album. The promotional single was released in advance of the album to radio.

Liner Notes

Wrecking Ball:
Written by Neil Young. Daniel Lanois: Electric guitar, percussion. Malcolm Burn: Piano, tambourine, vibes. Larry Mullen Jr.: Drums, cymbal. Sam O’Sullivan: Roto wheel. Tony Hall: Bass. Neil Young: Harmony vocal. Produced by Daniel Lanois.

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