"Wrecking Ball" - Harris, Emmylou

Remastered Album

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Full Track Listing:

Disc 1
  • Where Will I Be?
  • Goodbye
  • All My Tears
  • Wrecking Ball
  • Goin’ Back to Harlan
  • Deeper Well
  • Every Grain of Sand
  • Sweet Old World
  • May This Be Love
  • Orphan Girl
  • Blackhawk
  • Waltz Across Texas Tonight
    Disc 2 – Deeper Well: The Wrecking Ball Outtakes
  • Still Water
  • Where Will I Be
  • All My Tears
  • How Will I Ever Be Simple Again
  • Deeper Well
  • The Stranger Song
  • Sweet Old World
  • Gold
  • Blackhawk
  • May This Be Love
  • Goin’ Back to Harlan
  • Where Will I Be
  • Deeper Well

Background Information

During 1994, after the long Zoo TV tour, Larry Mullen took some time off and moved to New York. During that time he worked on his drumming skills, as well as participating in some recording sessions with Emmylou Harris helmed by Daniel Lanois. Those sessions became an album entitled “Wrecking Ball” that Harris released in the fall of 1995. It was Daniel Lanois’ involvement in the recording which brought Larry Mullen’s participation in the project, and he features on nine tracks on the album.

In 2014, to mark the 20th anniversary of the recording of the album, “Wrecking Ball” was remastered and re-released. Added to the package was a second disc of demos that had been recorded during the sessions for “Wrecking Ball” which includes another six recordings in which Larry Mullen was involved in. Four of these were tracks found on the initial “Wrecking Ball” album, and two new songs, “Gold” and “Still Water”. “Still Water” is an old song of Daniel Lanois covered here by Harris, with Larry on drums. The original version of “Still Water” by Lanois was released in 1989 on his album “Acadie” and also featured Mullen on the drums.

A third disc is included in this set, which is a DVD, featuring a documentary which was filmed during the recording of the album. On the DVD you see Larry Mullen in the opening credits, and playing a few times throughout out, once while recording “Sweet Old World” and once just riffing in a group with Lanois and the others all sitting around…Lanois talks about recording Larry Mullen at another point in the documentary. The footage was used in 1996 for television, and this is the first time it has been released.

Liner Notes

Written by Steve Earle. Daniel Lanois: Mandolin, electric guitar, acoustic guitar. Malcom Burn: Piano. Larry Mullen, Jr.: Hand drum, drum kit. Tony Hall: Shaker, bass. Steve Earle: Finger picking, acoustic guitar.

All My Tears:
Written by Julie Miller. Emmylous Harris: Acoustic guitar. Daniel Lanois: Bass, electric guitar, mandolin, chant vocal. Malcolm Burn: Piano. Larry Mullen Jr.: Drums. Daryl Johnson: Keyboard bass, harmony vocal, chant vocal.

Wrecking Ball:
Written by Neil Young. Daniel Lanois: Electric guitar, percussion. Malcolm Burn: Piano, tambourine, vibes. Larry Mullen Jr.: Drums, cymbal. Sam O’Sullivan: Roto wheel. Tony Hall: Bass. Neil Young: Harmony vocal.

Deeper Well:
Written by Dave Olney, Daniel Lanois, Emmylou Harris. Daniel Lanois: Electric guitar. Malcolm Burn: Keyboards. Larry Mullen Jr: Drums. Tony Hall: Bass. Daryl Johnson: Harmonic bass.

Every Grain of Sand:
Written by Bob Dylan. Daniel Lanois: Acoustic guitar. Malcolm Burn: Organ. Larry Mullen Jr.: Drums. Tony Hall: Bass. Emmylou Harris: Acoustic guitar. Steve Earle: Acoustic guitar.

Sweet Old World:
Written by Lucinda Williams. Daniel Lanois: Guitar, mandolin, bass pedals. Malcolm Burn: Slide guitar, piano. Larry Mullen Jr: Drums. Lucinda Williams: Acoustic guitar. Steve Earle: Acoustic guitar. Richard Bennett: Tremolo guitar. Neil Young: Harmony vocal, harmonica.

May This Be Love:
Written by Jimi Hendrix. Daniel Lanois: Electric guitar, duet vocal. Larry Mullen Jr.: Drums.

Orphan Girl:
Written by Gillian Welch. Daniel Lanois: Mandolin, dulcimer. Emmylou Harris: Acoustic guitar, harmony vocal. Malcolm Burn: Tambourine. Larry Mullen Jr.: Hand drum. Tony Hall: Stick drum. Daryl Johnson: Harmony vocal.

Waltz Across Texas Tonight:
Written by Rodney Crowell, Emmylou Harris. Daniel Lanois: Mandolin, electric guitar. Malcolm Burn: Piano, slide guitar. Emmylou Harris: Acoustic guitar. Larry Mullen Jr: Drums. Tony Hall: Bass. Kate McGarrigle: Harmony vocal. Anna McGarrigle: Harmony vocal.

Still Water (Demo):
Written by Daniel Lanois. Emmylou Harris: Vocal. Daniel Lanois: Guitar. Malcolm Burn: Piano. Larry Mullen Jr.: Drums. Tony Hall: Bass.

Where Will I Be (Demo):
Written by Daniel Lanois. Emmylou Harris: Vocal. Daniel Lanois: Mandolin, Bass. Larry Mullen Jr.: Drums

All My Tears (Demo):
Written by Julie Miller. Emmylou Harris Vocal. Daniel Lanois: Mandolin. Malcolm Burn: Piano. Larry Mullen Jr.: Drums.

Sweet Old World (Demo):
Written by Lucinda Williams. Emmylou Harris: Acoustic guitar, Vocals. Daniel Lanois: Electric guitar. Larry Mullen Jr.: Hand drums. Daryl Johnson: Bass. Lucinda Williams: Acoustic Guitar.

Gold (Demo):
Written by Emmylou Harris. Emmylou Harris: Acoustic guitar, Vocal. Daniel Lanois: Guitar, bass pedals. Malcolm Burn: Piano. Larry Mullen Jr.: Hand drums.

May This Be Love (Demo):
Written by Jimi Hendrix. Emmylou Harris: Vocal. Daniel Lanois: Acoustic Guitar, Duet Vocal. Larry Mullen Jr.: Percussion. Tony Hall: Bass.

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