"Hasta La Vista Baby! (Live from Mexico City)" - U2

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Background Information

Released in 2000, Hasta La Vista Baby! was the second CD sent to subscribers of U2’s fan club magazine, Propaganda. It was packaged in a card sleeve, and was mailed to subscribers in a separate envelope, and not with a specific issue of the magazine as Melon had been in 1995. The CD itself is made up of 14 tracks taken from the PopMart: Live from Mexico City video release (the video featured 25 tracks in total). At the time of the release of Hasta La Vista Baby!, the Mexico City video was only available on VHS format, but in September of 2007, the video was finally released on DVD. Both “Pop Muzik” and “Lemon (Perfecto Mix)” are pre-recorded pieces that were played over the PA system during the show, but not performed live by the band.

Two tracks from the Mexico City concert not included on Hasta La Vista Baby! were later released as b-sides to “Beautiful Day:” “Last Night on Earth” and “If You Wear That Velvet Dress.” The Mexico City performance of “Discotheque,” which was included on Hasta La Vista Baby!, was also a “Beautful Day” b-side.

Months in advance of being mailed to fan club members, an error resulted in some early copies of the CD being put up for sale in an online store. Before this mistake was caught and fixed, a copy of the album was posted online in April of 2000, four months before copies of the CD would begin arriving in subscribers’ mail boxes. With the exception of the copies mistakenly sold through the online store, the CD has not been available commercially. However, a digital version was commercially released in 2004 when Hasta La Vista Baby! was included in The Complete U2 digital box set on iTunes.

Liner Notes

Recorded at Foro Sol Autodromo, Mexico City on 3rd December 1997.
All titles (except Track 1) written by U2 and published by Polygram International Publishing BV except Blue Mountain Music Ltd. (UK), Mother Music (Irl), Taiyo Music Ltd. (Japan). Track 1 written by Robin Scott’s “M” and published by BMG Music Publishing Ltd. Issued under license by Mother Records Ltd., courtesy of Music Collection International and Robin Scott. Popmart Sound Engineer: Joe O’Herlihy. Sound Supervisors: Flood and Howie B. Mixed by Chris Potter at Metropolis Studios, London. This compilation ©2000 U2 Limited. For members of Propaganda Fan Club Only. NOT FOR RESALE.


Sleeve designed by ABA Dublin. Photography by Anton Corbijn (Front) and Kevin Davies (Back)

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