"Goddess in the Doorway Snippets" - Jagger, Mick

Promotional Release

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Full Track Listing:

  • Visions of Paradise (Edit) – Mick Jagger
  • Joy (Edit) – Mick Jagger
  • Dancing in the Starlight (Edit) – Mick Jagger
  • God Gave Me Everything (Edit) – Mick Jagger
  • Hideaway (Edit) – Mick Jagger
  • Don’t Call Me Up (Edit) – Mick Jagger
  • Goddess in the Doorway (Edit) – Mick Jagger
  • Lucky Day (Edit) – Mick Jagger
  • Everybody Getting High (Edit) – Mick Jagger
  • Gun (Edit) – Mick Jagger
  • Too Far Gone (Edit) – Mick Jagger
  • Brand New Set of Rules (Edit) – Mick Jagger

Background Information

Bono recorded the song “Joy” with Mick Jagger for his album, Goddess in the Doorway which was released in November 2001. Bono’s portion of the album was recorded the day after the Elevation tour stop in Cologne, on July 14, 2001. Jagger had the following to say about the track “Joy”: “I was in my little studio in France just playing the guitar and I just wrote it more or less straight out. Lyrically, I just filled in the gaps later. It was just a gospel song really, and I wrote it very quickly. As for Bono, when you’ve done so many records for so many years, you have to give young people a go. It worked really well – I’d already done the vocal, then I took it to him. He took it and did a lot of stream of consciousness at the end.”

This promotional disc was released in October to promote the forthcoming album to DJs in the USA. It contained a snippet of all 12 tracks, edited down to about 90 seconds in each case. The tracks are arranged in the order they are on the final album. This disc was released with no front insert, in a regular jewel case, with a paper printed insert in the back of the CDR listing the tracks. The disc is a CDR. The titles and other information is printed on the disc in black ink.

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