"New Day" - Jean, Wyclef and Bono


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Track Listing (All Versions):

  • New Day (Pop Version) (4:43)
  • New Day (Hip Hop Clean Version) (3:57)
  • New Day (Reggae Remix) (3:45)
  • New Day (Pop Radio Edit) (4:33)
  • Gone ‘Til November (3:29)
  • Cheated (R&B Mix) (4:05)

Background Information

On July 4, 1999 Bono visited with Wyclef Jean in Jean’s basement studio in New Jersey. While there, the idea was broached to take Wycelf’s song “New Day” and to re-record it as a duet under the title “War Child” with additional vocals by Bono. The song had been released earlier that year on the soundtrack to the movie, “Life”. The two recorded the song the next day, but it remained “New Day” as the title change was based on lyrics eventually discarded. The single was released in September of that year in aid of the charity, NetAid. Bono and Wyclef would perform together at the NetAid concert on October 9, 1999, including a performance of this song at that appearance at Giant’s Stadium in New Jersey. NetAid was an organization set up by Cisco Systems and the United Nations to help the poorest nations of the world. Part of the proceeds also went to a foundation run by Wyclef which aids refugees.

Bono is credited on the cover of the single, but he only sings on the “Pop Version” and the “Pop Version Edit” which are available on the commercial single and also on promotional releases. Bono also has a writing credit on the “Reggae Remix” but is not credited as such on the “Hip Hop Clean Version”. The “Pop Version” is listed as the “Pop Main” on some releases. They are the same mix. One additional mix, the “Pop Acapella” mix appears on promotional releases only.

A video for the song exists, directed by Kevin Godley and filmed in New York and released in November 1999. The video features Wyclef dressed in white, and Bono dressed in black performing the song in studio against the backdrop of a city skyline. Bono is wearing a top hat and sunglasses throughout the video, until near the end when he switches hats for Wyclefs white hat, as he plays guitar.

Liner Notes

New Day (Pop Version):
Written by W. Jean, Bono, J. Duplessis. Performed by Wyclef Jean and Bono. Background vocals arranged by Shaun Crawford for the Walker Group. Recorded at the Toogie Basement, NJ and the Hit Factory, NYC. Mixed and Mastered at the Hit Factory, NYC. Engineer: Andy Grassi. Assistant Engineers: Mike McCoy and John Merridith. Executive producer: David Sonenberg. Produced by Jerry “Wonder” Duplessis and Wyclef Jean.

New Day (Reggae Remix): Written by W. Jean, Bono, J. Duplessis. Performed by Wyclef Jean. Produced by David Kelly.

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