"The Preacher's Son" - Jean, Wyclef


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Full Track Listing:

  • Intro (0:29)
  • Industry (3:03)
  • Party to Damascus (4:03)
  • Celebrate (4:19)
  • Baby Daddy (4:01)
  • Three Nights in Rio (4:03)
  • Class Reunion (3:52)
  • Baby (4:08)
  • I am Your Doctor (4:09)
  • Linda (4:11)
  • Take Me as I Am (4:18)
  • Grateful (3:38)
  • Next Generation (4:40)
  • Rebel Music (3:57)
  • Who Gave the Order (4:23)
  • Party by the Sea (3:55)
    Alternate Tracks:
  • Party to Damascus (Remix) (4:03)
  • Bicentennial
  • Life in NY
    Bonus DVD:
  • Next Generation (Live)
  • I Am Your Doctor (Live)
  • Class Reunion (Live)
  • Three Nights in Rio (Live)
  • Baby Daddy (Live)
  • Shottas (Live)

Background Information

Wyclef Jean came to prominence in the music business as a member of the Fugees, but has since gone on to a successful solo career. The album “The Preacher’s Son” was his first solo album. On the track “Class Reunion” the guitar is by The Edge of U2. The idea of a collaboration with the Edge on the album was first floated when Edge made a guest appearance at a concert by Jean in Dublin in late 2002. Invited to work on the album, The Edge developed several ideas as an instrumental, and would later record his parts with Jean. The song was worked as an instrumental and the lyrics by Monica recorded later.

The song is not the first time Jean had worked with U2. He previously had released a single with Bono for the NetAid charity, entitled “New Day”. Vocals are provided here by American singer and entertainer Monica. The album credits her on the back of the sleeve as a featuring artist. It does not mention The Edge. However a promotional single released in advance of the album “Party to Damascus” also includes the track Class Reunion. On that promotional release the song is listed as “Class Reunion (featuring Monica and The Edge)”. The version of the song included on both that promo, and this album are the same.

The Edge only provides guitars to the one track, and does not contribute in any other way to this album. Some versions of the album came with a dvd, which featured the song “Class Reunion” as well. That version however, is played live in studio and does not feature The Edge in the recording studio.

Liner Notes

Class Reunion:
Featuring Monica. Written by Wyclef Jean, Jerry Duplessis, LaJabia Parker, Devon Garnett. Produced by Wyclef Jean and Jerry “Wonder” Duplessis. Co-Produced by Sedeck for Fabia Productions. Guitar: The Edge. Recorded by: Kevin Myers at Platinum Sound Recording Studios, NYC. Mixed by Andy Grassi at Platinum Sound Recording Studios, NYC. Assisted by John Pirretti for Platinum Sound and Jason Rea and tom Shumay for Quad.

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