"Q's Jook Joint" - Jones, Quincy


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Full Track Listing:

  • Jook Joint Intro (1:30)
  • Let The Good Times Roll (2:57)
  • Cool Joe, Mean Joe (Killer Joe) (7:32)
  • You Put A Move On My Heart (6:13)
  • Rock With You (4:09)
  • Moody’s Mood For Love (4:18)
  • Stomp (6:16)
  • Jook Joint Reprise (Let The Good Times Roll) (0:55)
  • Do Nothin’ Till You Hear From Me (3:57)
  • Is It Love That We’re Missin’ (4:45)
  • Heaven’s Girl (5:26)
  • Stuff Like That (5:45)
  • Slow Jams (7:30)
  • At The End Of The Day (Grace) (7:42)
  • Jook Joint Outro (0:48)

Background Information

This 1995 album from Quincy Jones was a tribute to the “Jook Joint” of old where many artists would hop up on stage and play with one another throughout the course of a performance. The jook joints were often informal, unlicensed, places of drink, food and music, that would pop up on weekends near work forces in the south of the USA. Quincy takes the idea here, and uses it on the album, making the album a celebration of guest artists, and deft fully weaving artists together throughout the album.

Bono appears on two tracks. The first track is “Jook Joint Intro” which is the first track on the album. That track is a mix of voices and sound effects, making it sound like you are outside of the jook joint hearing snippets of conversations. Bono’s contribution is one line “can I get in here?” which is spoken to the bouncer as he enters the jook joint. The first song we hear upon entering the jook joint is “Let the Good Times Roll” which is performed by Bono, Stevie Wonder, and Ray Charles. Bono’s vocals were recorded by Paul Barrett at STS Studios in Dublin for this track.

Quincy Jones discusses meeting Bono and his participation in the liner notes:

“One night in 1987, Charlie Hicks called from the limo and said that he was “With someone that wanted to meet me.” “Tonight?” I replied, but before I could get the rest of my sentence out he said he’d be right over and hung up the phone. Five minutes later, Charlie, Bono and his lovely wife Ali walked throuh the door. He told me how he had listened to my albums growing up. I have to confess I didn’t know anything about U2, but four hours later, there we were still talking. The next night, Ali picked me up and brought me to the Los Angeles Coliseum. Our seats were center stage right near the soundboard. I became an immediate fan.

Later, during the Rattle and Hum tour, Bono leased the house next to mine. We’ve been friends ever since. He is smart, perceptive, curious, warm, real and strongly connected to music’s roots. His introduction of Sinatra at the Grammy Awards was so on the money that I asked him to send me a copy of it. He is the perfect fit for the middle of this. The addition of Bono simply felt natural, the way things should be.”

Liner Notes

Jook Joint Intro:
Produced by Quincy Jones. Featuring Kid Capri, Funkmaster Flex, LL Cool J, James Moody, Coko, Stevie Wonder, Lester Young, Brandy, Billy Eckstine, Dizzy Gillespie, Marlon Brando, Charlie WiIlson, Barry White, Chaka Khan, Tone Loc, Queen Latifah, Ray Charles, Greg Phillinganes, Siedah Garrett, Patti Austin, Will Wheaton, Mervyn Warren, Sarah Vaughn, Miles Davis, Gloria Estefan, Lelee, Charlie Parker, Shaquille O’Neal and Bono. Sound Design: James Flamberg, Steve Dewey, Andrew Scheps. Associate Producer: Rod Temperton. Recorded by Francis Buckley, Assisted by Stephanie Gylden. Mixed by Tommy Vicari.

Let the Good Times Roll:
Music and lyrics by Sam Theard and Fleecie Moore. Produced by Quincy Jones. Featured vocalists: Stevie Wonder, Bono and Ray Charles. Featured Soloist: Stevie Wonder (harmonica). Arranged by Quincy Jones and John Clayton. Bono’s Vocals Produced Paul Barrett. Drums: John Robinson. Bass: Sekou Bunch. Keyboards: Greg Phillinganes. Guitar: Paul Jackson Jr. Guitar Solo: Grant Geissman. Tenor Sax Solo: Peter Christlieb. Conductor: John Clyaton. Trumpets: Jerry Hey, Gary Grant, “Snooky Young”, Chuck Findley, Oscar Brashear. Trombones: Jeff Clayton, Tom Scott, Pete Christlieb, Jack Nimitz, Fred Jackson Jr. Recorded by Francis Buckley, Assisted by Stephanie Gylden. Mixed by Bruce Swedien using the Accusonic Recording Process. Assisted by Rob Hoffman.

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