"Inspirations, Volume 1: King Britt" - King Britt

Compilation Album

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Full Track Listing

  • Inspirations Intro – Kelly Sloane-Britt
  • Donna – Art Of Noise
  • Birth Scene
  • Lonely Boy – Vincent Gallo
  • Revelation – Jean & Doug Carn
  • First Come First Serve – Ramon Morris
  • Ghetto Misfortune’s Wealth – 24 Carat Black
  • Stories To Tell – Flora Purim
  • Razor Cut – Chris Stein & Fab Five Freddie
  • Dissidents – Thomas Dolby
  • Starchild – Level 42
  • Life On Mars – Dexter Wansel
  • Narcossa – 808 State
  • It’s A Shame – Fragile
  • I’ve Known Rivers (4hero Remix) – Courtney Pine
  • Patience – Scuba
  • Hold On To Your Dreams – Jah Wobble

Background Information

This is a 2000 compilation by an American DJ, King Britt, which was released in Europe. The compilation is a compilation of 17 tracks that King Britt deemed inspirational to his career.

One of the tracks included here is “Hold Onto Your Dreams” which was taken from the 1983 EP “Snakecharmer” recorded by Jah Wobble, The Edge and Holger Czukay. That album was an early solo outing by The Edge where he contributed guitar as well as atmospherics to the track “Hold Onto Your Dreams”.

In the liner notes, King Britt discusses the track: “1983, Francois Kervorkian was the man. Remixing all the hottest music, from U2 to Thomas Dolby, he has always been one of my musical idols. This super production features Jah Wobble on bass, The Edge on guitar and Marcella Allen on vocals. A fantastic step for dance music.”

The song is released here on CD for the first time, as the original EP had only been released on vinyl and cassette. Unfortunately it seems that the source of the track used here was from the old vinyl recording, and the transfer to digital is not the cleanest. If you are tracking down a copy consider yourself warned, the song is clearly sourced from vinyl and is complete with pops and clicks throughout. The song has since been released by Wobble himself on CD on his anthology “Redux”.

Liner Notes

Francois Kervorkian Presents Jah Wobble – Hold Onto Your Dreams:
Music by Wobble, Evans, Marland and Kervorkian. Words by Arthur Russell. Produced by Francois Kervorkian for Axis Productions Inc. Engineering and production assistant: Paul Smykie. 2nd Engineer: Steven Street. Recorded and mixed at the Fallout Shelter, London UK.

Original Credits from Snake Charmer EP:
Written by Wobble, Marland, Czukay, Kevorkian. Jah Wobble: Bass, Vocals. The Edge: Slide Guitar Solo. Holger Czukay: Dictaphone, French Horn, Lead Guitar. Francois Kevorkian: Linn Drum Programming. Ollie Marland: Keyboards. Animal: Rhythm Guitar. Neville Murray: Percussion. Produced by Francois Kevorkian for Axis Productions Inc. Engineer and Production assistant Paul “Groucho” Smykle. 2nd Engineer: Steven Street. Recorded and mixed at the Fallout Shelter, London, UK.

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