"Falling at Your Feet" - Lanois, Daniel


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  • Falling at Your Feet (2003 Lanois Mix) (3:41)
  • As Tears Roll By (3:53)

Background Information

The song “Falling at Your Feet” was released by Daniel Lanois as a single in Europe to promote his 2003 album “Shine” which had been released about a month before this single pressed in The Netherlands. The single was released in a slimeline jewel case, with photo inserts. There were two tracks, “Falling at Your Feet” and “As Tears Roll By”. Although listed as “taken from the album “Shine” out on Anti April 21st, 2003” this single was actually released after that album by almost a month. The version of “Falling at Your Feet” on the single and the album are identical.

Lanois had worked on the “Million Dollar Hotel” soundtrack with Bono. That soundtrack, released in 2000, contained the song “Falling At Your Feet”, a duet between Lanois and Bono. The original version also had Larry Mullen performing on drums. In 2003 when putting together the “Shine” album, Lanois returned to that song, and reworked it extensively. The original version of the song featured Bono prominantly in the vocal mix in the early verses with Lanois as an echo further back in the mix. The new version released here as a single, as well as on “Shine” reverses this so Lanois is featured more prominantly in the mix.

Individual credits for the songs are not listed, nor are they on the album “Shine”. Contributing musicans listed on the project inside the album include Brian Blade, Daryl Johnson, Aaron Embry, Chris Thomas, Malcolm Burn, Brady Blade, Tony Mangurian, Charley Patton and Bono. The recording team listed is Adam Samuels and Jennifer Tipoulow, with Mark Howard and Wayne Lorenz being listed as being responsible for early recordings. The only individual credits available for “Falling at Your Feet” are “Written by Bono & Daniel Lanois, performed by Daniel Lanois with Bono”. The original version on “The Million Dollar Hotel” had been listed as being performed by Bono with Daniel Lanois.

Liner Notes

Falling at Your Feet: Performed by Daniel Lanois with Bono. Written by Bono & Daniel Lanois.

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