"The Maker" - Lanois, Daniel


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Full Track Listing

  • The Maker
  • Still Water (Album Version) (4:29)
  • Little Sadie
  • Fais Do Do

Background Information

Daniel Lanois had started work with U2 during the production of “The Unforgettable Fire”. An incredible musician in his own right, Lanois took a step back from production duties in 1989, and between production of Dylan’s “Oh Mercy” and the Neville Brothers “Yellow Moon”, Lanois created his own solo album. Released in September 1989, “Acadie” is the album Lanois wrote and performed and produced in New Orleans at his own studio. The first single from the album was “The Maker” released as a CD in France.

Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen perform on two tracks on the album, “Acadie” and one of those tracks is featured here as an additional track, “Still Water”. The song is the second song on the CD which was released. The drum and bass for “Still Water” were recorded with Paul Barrett at STS Studios in Dublin, and mixed in with Lanois’ recorded portions at a later date. “Still Water” was partially inspired by the time Lanois spent in Dublin working with U2, and he recounts looking into the black waters of the Liffey on his walk back from the studio to his hotel, the Gresham while working on “The Joshua Tree”. It recalled memories of Grand River, running through the town of Caledonia near to where Lanois grew up in Canada.

From the original liner notes of the album Lanois discusses “Still Water”: This song was written in New Orleans. Initial recording was done with myself and Malcolm Burn playing guitars. Tony Hall overdubbed a sketch bass and I did sketch drums. In England, Brian eno recorded the haunting background vocals. Larry Mullen Jr. and Adam Clayton recorded their parts soon after that in Dublin. It was later finished and mixed in New Orleans. The final version is made up of four mixes done on four different dates and then edited together.”

Liner Notes

Still Water: Produced by Daniel Lanois. Recorded by Malcolm Burn and Mark Howard. Musical help and suggestion Malcolm Burn. Guitar and Sketch Drums: Daniel Lanois, Malcolm Burn. Backing vocals: Brian Eno. Drums: Larry Mullen. Bass: Adam Clayton. Sketch bass: Tony Hall. Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen recorded by Paul Barrett. Mixed by Malcolm Burn and Daniel Lanois with Mark Howard. Recorded in New Orleans, Louisiana. Additional recording: Brian Eno’s Wilderness Studio, England, STS Studio, Ireland, Grant Avenue Studio, Canada.

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