"The Man on the Train Theme (Remix)" - Mullen, Larry and Simon Climie

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Background Information

“The Man on the Train” is is a 2011 crime-drama film directed by Mary McGuckian, starring Donald Sutherland and Larry Mullen Jr. The movie was a remake of a 2002 French film directed by Patrice Leconte. Not only did Larry Mullen appear as one of the principle actors in the film, he also worked on the score of the film, and developed a theme song to appear over the end credits of the film, working with musician Simon Climie. The end music which plays over the credits is an instrumental called simply “The Man on the Train Theme”.

Larry talked about his involvement in the film, “Even being involved in the production was just amazing. It was just great to be somewhere that I was having conversations that I wouldn’t normally have. I was involved in business decisions that I wouldn’t normally be involved in. With regard to the score, to be with a musician (Simon Clime) who has a very different way of doing things and to have to fall into somebody else’s pattern was challenging, but it was a really good experience. I enjoyed the whole process, very much. The acting part was definitely the most difficult thing.”

One song from the film was released to iTunes worldwide on November 1, 2011. That song is a remix of “The Man on The Train Theme” which closes the movie. The remix adds an additional percussion track, and also features film dialogue by Donald Sutherland and Larry Mullen over top of the music.

Liner Notes

The Man on a Train Theme (Remix):
Written, Arranged and performed by Larry Mullen Jr. and Simon Climie. Mix Engineer: Andy Bradfield. Music Editor: James Bellamy. Protools and Recording Engineer: Joel Evanden. Film Dialogue: Donald Sutherland, Larry Mullen Jr.

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