"Born Again Savage" - Little Steven


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Full Track Listing:

  • Born Again Savage (4:38)
  • Camouflage of Righteousness (5:01)
  • Guns, Drugs, and Gasoline (4:59)
  • Face of God (7:38)
  • Saint Francis (8:18)
  • Salvation (5:09)
  • Organize (2:13)
  • Flesheater (6:08)
  • Lust for Enlightenment (8:38)
  • Tongues of Angels (8:19)

Background Information

During a break from U2 in 1994, Adam Clayton would join with Little Steven (member of Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band) and Jason Bonham (son of Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham) to work on an album. The album, written arranged and produced by Little Steven was initially developed in 1989 and 1990, but remained unrecorded until 1994. Even then, Little Steven having been dropped from his record label struggled to find a record company which would release the album. The album would be listed in the 1996 edition of “Into the Heart” by Niall Stokes under the solo discography listing for Adam Clayton with a date of 1994.

Little Steven put the album on the back burner until he was able to establish Renegade Nation, a company that would assist artists in taking control of their own career. The first release though Renegade Records was Little Steven’s “Born Again Savage” in November of 1999. Sales of “Born Again Savage” was done through Little Steven’s website, related sites, as well as mail order, and was not made commercially available in stores. Little Steven did discuss how sales of this album were disappointing and how it did less business than expected.

Adam Clayton performs on all of the album tracks. In the liner notes, Little Steven says: ““Thank you Adam Clayton. Your bass is the anchor of this record and your friendship and encouragement got this whole thing started.”

An edit of the track “Camouflage of Righteousness” was made available on mp3.com which had been launched as an online music magazine at the time. That edit was 4:36 in length vs the 5:01 album version. That edited version is no longer available at that address. Additionally you could order a low priced promotional CD from mp3.com containing other short edits of some of the tracks from the album, and an extended interview with Little Steven. That was called a DAM (Digital Automatic Music) CD.

In late 2019, Little Steven announced a limited edition boxed set of all of his albums on vinyl, including Sun City and Born Again Savage both featuring U2 content. It wasn’t until after this box set initially sold out that it was announced that each of these records would be made available for sale in a digital format. Later still it was announced each album would be available first in vinyl format, and later in CD format. Almost a year after the initial box set was announced, a second boxed set was announced, this time containing all of the albums in CD format. The tracks for these 2019-2020 reissues are remastered versions of the original. The 2019-2020 reissues of Born Again Savage were released in high resolution digital on November 30, 2019, on stand alone vinyl on March 13, 2020, and as a stand alone CD on June 5. The vinyl box set of albums was released December 6, 2019, and the CD box set of albums was released July 31, 2020.

Liner Notes

Written, arranged and produced by Little Steven. Little Steven: Vocals and guitars. Adam Clayton: Bass. Jason Bonham: Drums. Background vocals: Steve Jordan, Jean Beauvoir with Bill Newberry and Frank Newberry. Recorded by Ben Fowler and Zoe Thrall. Assited by Scott Austin. Mixed by Kevin Shirley. Most ably assisted by Andrea Yankovsky. Recorded and mixed at Avatar Studios, NYC. Mastered by George Marino at Sterling Sound.

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