"This World is Not My Home" - Lone Justice


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Full Track Listing:

  • Drugstore Cowboy (2:54)
  • Rattlesnake Mama (1:46)
  • This World is Not My Home (2:33)
  • Working Man Blues (2:37)
  • Cottonbelt (3:11)
  • Go Away Little Boy (2:40)
  • The Train (2:51)
  • East of Eden (2:35)
  • Ways to be Wicked (3:26)
  • Don’t Toss Us Away (4:19)
  • You Are the Light (3:59)
  • Sweet Jane (Live) (3:55)
  • I Found Love (4:18)
  • Shelter (4:33)
  • Dixie Storms (3:36)
  • Sweet Sweet Baby (Live) (5:01)
  • Wheels (Live) (6:49)

Background Information

During the Unforgettable Fire tour, one of the opening acts was Lone Justice. The band was a country rock band formed in Los Angeles in 1982 by singer Maria McKee and guitarist Ryan Hedgecock. The band would disband in 1986, and the compilation “This World is Not My Home” is a collection of songs, demos, and live tracks by the band while they were still together.

The song “Sweet Jane” was recorded at one of the concerts where Lone Justice opened for U2, at the Hartford Civic Center, Hartford, CT, April 23, 1985. During this performance of “Sweet Jane” Bono joins Lone Justice on stage. He sings the song as a duet with Maria McKee. From the liner notes of the album: “In the mid-80s, Lone Justice opened for U2; from one of those shows comes a live recording of the Velvet Underground’s “Sweet Jane,” with the Irish band’s lead vocalist Bono sharing the mike, and guitarist Tony Gilkyson, who would soon join X, playing the leads.”

Although the band Lone Justice did not survive the eighties, McKee, the bands vocalist did go on to forge a close relationship with Bono and his wife Ali, and for a time lived in Dublin. She would often guest on stage at U2 concerts, and has recorded with U2 in the studio. She can be heard on U2’s cover of “Fortunate Son” and on the song “Everybody Loves a Winner” from the deluxe 20th Anniversary release of “Achtung Baby”.

The song, “Sweet Jane” is a cover of a Lou Reed penned track, released by his band, “The Velvet Underground”. Bono in typical Bono fashion doesn’t strictly follow Reed’s lyrics, improvising some of his own including, “Standing on a corner, suitcase in my hand, God comes up to me and says ‘Hey Bono, I wanna play with your band’.”

Liner Notes

Sweet Jane: Live Recording by Tony Ferguson, PreMastering by Lee DeCarlo, Assisted by Robi Baneji at Ocean Way Studio 2, LA, 1998. Post-Production by Aaron Glasslock. Written by Lou Reed. Published by Screen Gems-EMI Music Inc. Musicians: Maria McKee – Vocal, Guitar. Ryan Hedgecock – Guitar. Marvin Etzioni – Distorted bass. Don Heffington – Drums. Tony Gilkyson – Guitar. Bono – Vocal.

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