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Kids (Live – Radio Edit)
Red Blooded Woman (Live)

Background Information

In early 2007, Kylie Minogue released “Showgirl: Homecoming Live”, a live CD recorded during the second night of Minogue’s Showgirl – The Homecoming Tour in Sydney Australia. This performance was on November 12, 2006, while U2 was touring on the Vertigo tour in Australia. During the performance of the song “Kids”, Bono joins Minogue on stage to perform the song, which was originally a duet between Minogue and Robbie Williams.

A few weeks prior to the release of the full live CD, EMI in Ireland put together a promotional CDR featuring an edit of the song “Kids” that would be appropriate for radio play. It was thought that the inclusion of Bono on the song would garner some interest in the song on Irish Radio, and increase sales of the live set. The CDR is printed directly on the disc in black ink. The only insert in the regular jewel case is a printed paper insert with an odd cover image, and on the inside contains information about the release. The copyright is marked 2006, EMI Music Ireland. “Kids” is the only song on the promotional CDR.

The Radio Edit of the song was also issued on two promotional vinyl pressings for juke boxes. In both cases the song was backed with “Red Blooded Woman”. One pressing was in brown vinyl and came with a small center hole. The other pressing was in black vinyl and came with a large center hole. Both contained the same catalog number and the same label, the only difference was the hole cut into the vinyl after the label was applied and the colour of the vinyl. These promotional 7-inch singles were pressed in the UK for use throughout Europe.

The performance was also released as a DVD in October 2007 under the title “White Diamond”. For the live performance be sure to look for the two disc version, featuring the live DVD of the November 12, 2006 performance.In January 2007, Kylie released an audio recording of here “Showgirl” tour, and the 2-disc release contained a live performance of the song “Kids” with Bono.

Liner Notes

Kids (Live – Radio Edit):
Featuring Bono. Written by Robbie Williams & Guy Chambers. Taken from the album “Showgirl – Homecoming Live”.

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