"Aural & Hearty" - Mocean Worker


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Full Track Listing:

  • Lighten Up Francis (0:28)
  • Hey Baby (3:44)
  • Air Suspension (5:39)
  • Tres Tres Chic (3:42)
  • Intothinair (6:15)
  • Thick Interlude (3:30)
  • Cha Cha Cha (3:55)
  • Velvet Black Sky (3:47)
  • Astroglide (4:27)
  • Waiting for Verdeaux (5:43)
  • Step (4:15)
  • Lighten Up Again (3:52)

Background Information

Mocean Worker is the alternate name that jazz musican and producer Adam Dorn records under. The recordings under this name are done as a drum and bass dance style. “Aural & Hearty” is the third album released under the Mocean Worker name, in late 2000 in North America and early 2001 in the rest of the world. The song “Air Suspension” featured on “Aural & Hearty” features a vocal by Bono.

Dorn had worked on the recording of “The Million Dollar Hotel” soundtrack, as a member of the “MDH Band”. It was for that project that Bono had recorded the vocal used for “Air Suspension”. The original song was to be used for a fight scene, and eventually it was cut from the eventual soundtrack release. Dorn who had worked with Bono on the song, used the recorded vocal and changed the track extensively so only the barest parts of the original vocal existed. Dorn explains, “I saw Bono at the movie premiere in Berlin and asked him if I could do something with the track for my album, but that I wanted to change it a lot,” explains Dorn. “He said, ‘Go for it.’ I was shocked. I mean, we really got along, he’s a great guy. But I honestly didn’t think it would be a possibility.”

Dorn further explains, “He’s actually really cool and the management people are even cooler. It’s this rare scene. They were so helpful. I’ve worked with other guys like him that have 30 assistants, never call you back, the manager is a nightmare. With these people, everyone was just totally cool. They rushed him my disc while he’s working on the new U2 album in France and he called me back right away with suggestions and his OK.”

The CD and vinyl copies of the album were released on Palm Pictures, an entertainment company founded by Chris Blackwell who formerly ran Island Records.

Liner Notes

Air Suspension: Written, produced and mixed by Mocean Worker and Adam Dorn, Winter / Spring 2000. Vocals by Bono.

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