"Traveller" - Moore, Christy


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Full Track Listing:

  • Urgency Culture (2:05)
  • Raggle Taggle Gypsy (5:21)
  • I Loved Her (3:08)
  • Tell it unto Me (6:39)
  • Rocky Road (5:08)
  • Last Cold Kiss (4:07)
  • Lovely Young One (4:05)
  • The Sirens Voice (4:43)
  • Burning Times (6:39)
  • Glastonbury (1:42)
  • The Well (5:03)
  • What’s the Story Git? (2:43)

Background Information

In 1999, Christy Moore chose to work with producer Leo Pearson on his album “Traveller”. Moore to that point had been a folksy, traditional singer songwriter in Ireland. Pearson was known as a remixer and a DJ, and had worked with U2 under the name Romin to produce a remix of “MOFO” a couple of years earlier, and would go on to produce the “Influx Mix” of “Elevation”. The album featured many traditional songs, as well as some new composition, transformed into a new sounds by the combination of Moore and Pearson. The songs had elements of techno and pop weaved together with more standard traditional sounds and Moore’s voice. Moore described the experience as “Three years after Graffitti Tongue and I’m down the garden with Leo Pearson and his boxes of magic and tricks.”

What better person to throw into the mix than The Edge? The Edge appears on the last song of the album, “What’s the Story Git?” The song weaves together chants of “What’s the Story?” with another voice singing. The Edge performs on guitar.

On the album itself the last three songs are mixed together so that they form one continuous song. “Glastonbury” goes directly into “The Well” into “What’s the Story Git?” The first song is mixed from a live source (Glastonbury Festival, 1990), but the latter two songs are studio recordings. The three songs are tied together by the sound of the bodhran drum.

The album was initially released in 1999, and had a limited shelf life, becoming difficult to find. A second pressing from 2006 is much more available, and features the same music and is not remastered.

Liner Notes

What’s the Story Git?: Christy Moore: Vocals, guitar, bowran, additional vocals. Juno Moore: Vocal. Leo Pearson: Percussion, production, engineering, keyboards, programming, mixing. The Edge: Guitar. Recorded in The Well and mixed at Digital Pigeon, Dublin.

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