"Journey by Stadium DJ" - Oakenfold, Paul


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Full Track Listing:

  • Extasia – Extasia
  • Wow! Mr. Yogi – Overlords
  • Lemon (The Perfecto Mix) – U2
  • Just Let it Go – Petra & Co
  • Hablando – Ramirez
  • Body Baby – Global Groove
  • Now – CYB
  • Not Over Yet – State of Grace
  • I Can’t Take Your Love – B Real
  • Timeless Land – Yothu Yindi
  • The Snake – Opal
  • Dreams – Quench
  • Little Bullet – Spooky
  • Possible Worlds – The Shamen
  • LSD – Hallucinogen

Background Information

Paul Oakenfold is an English music producer and DJ. He is the DJ behind the Perfecto Label. He first worked with U2 during the release of the single “Even Better Than the Real Thing” and was asked to produce remixes of that song for the single. He was later hired by U2 to provide a warm up act for the 1993 legs in Europe and Australia.

This mixed CD was released early in the early 90s, and features another remix of a U2 song, this time, it’s “Lemon (The Perfecto Mix)” featured on this album. The song is touted by name on a sticker on the front cover of the CD. The mix included here is an edit of his overall Perfecto Mix coming in at 7:20 in length. The mix starts with some carry over from the previous track, and the spoken words “into the mind”. The original version of “Lemon (The Perfecto Mix)” was 8:57 in length and featured on a number of releases by U2 including, “Lemon”, “Melon”, “Stay (Faraway So Close)”, the 20th Anniversary Uber and Super Deluxe releases of “Achtung Baby”. It was also used in the movie “Pret-a-Porter” and features on the soundtrack album for that film.

The “Perfecto Mix” of “Lemon” was used nightly on the PopMart tour just before U2 would take the stage at the encore. The song was played over the PA in the stadium, as U2 descended from the “Lemon”. Part of this can be found on audio CD on the fan club release “Hasta La Vista Baby” as well as can be viewed on the video release “PopMart Live from Mexico City”.

Liner Notes

Lemon by U2. Perfecto Remix. Written by U2, remixed by Paul Oakenfold / Steve Osborne. Licensed by Polygram Special Products.

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