"Private Wars" - O'Connor, Hazel


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Full Track Listing:

  • Could Be With Me (4:51)
  • She Moves through the Fair (4:29)
  • Conversation From a Barstool (3:44)
  • All I’ve Been Missing (3:28)
  • Refugees of Love (4:06)
  • Never Thought (4:16)
  • Private War (3:47)
  • My World (Upside Down) (5:10)
  • Reason (4:46)
  • Go N-eirigh an Bothar Leat (4:55)

Background Information

Hazel O’Connor is an English singer and song writer and actress. In the 1980s she was active in the British music scene, and recorded a series of albums that did well throughout Europe. At the very first Slane Castle Festival on August 16, 1981, Hazel O’Connor performed as did U2, opening for the headliners Thin Lizzy.

Bono and The Edge had originally written the song “Conversation on a Barstool” for Marianne Faithfull for her to record for her 1990 album “Blazing Away” but it was dropped from that album. She did perform the song live on occasion but it remained unreleased until her 1998 compilation “A Perfect Stranger: An Island Anthology”. Since Faithfull had chosen not to release the song Bono and the Edge offered it to other performers, including it being recorded by Annie Ross and the Low Note Quintet on the “Short Cuts” soundtrack. It was also recorded by Hazel O’Connor for her 1995 album “Private War”.

Although both Faithfull’s and the version on “Short Cuts” are titled “Conversation on a Barstool”, O’Connor listed the song as “Conversation from a Barstool” on this release. It is indeed the same song, and we’ve chosen to list it as “Conversation on a Barstool” for sorting purposes in the discography, but on the album itself it is called “Conversation from a Barstool”. Both Bono and The Edge are listed as co-writers of the song on this release.

The “Private Wars” album was recorded at STS Studios in Dublin, in the area called Temple Bar. The album was recorded with Paul Barrett, and Louise McCormack who have worked extensively with U2 previously.

The album never had a wide release, and was limited to a release in Germany. It can be quite difficult to track down because of this.

Liner Notes

Conversation from a Barstool: Written by David Evans, Paul David Hewson. Hazel O’Connor: Lead Vocals. Maire Breatnach: Strings. Robbie Casserly: Drums. Anthony Drennan: Acoustic Guitar. Paul Barrett: Pianos, Harmonium, Organ and Bass Guitar. Engineered and mixed by Louise McCormack. Assisted by Fiach Cooling. Recorded and mixed at STS Studios, Dublin, Ireland. Arranged, programmed and produced by Paul Barrett.

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