"Collaborations" - O'Connor, Sinéad

Compilation Album

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Full Track Listing:

  • Special Cases (Radio Edit) – Sinéad O’Connor / Massive Attack (3:48)
  • 1000 Mirrors – Asian Dub Foundation featuring Sinéad O’Connor (4:54)
  • Empire – Bomb the Bass featuring Sinéad O’Connor and Benjamin Zephaniah (5:50)
  • Guide Me to God – Sinéad O’Connor / Ghostland (3:31)
  • Visions of You – Jah Wobble’s Invaders of the Heart featuring Sinead O’Connor (4:21)
  • Release (Album Edit) – Afro Celt Sound System / Sinéad O’Connor (4:14)
  • Wake Up and Make Love With Me – Sinéad O’Connor with the Blockheads (4:58)
  • Kingdom of Rain (Album Version) – The The / Sinéad O’Connor (5:51)
  • I’m Not You’re Baby – Sinéad O’Connor and U2 (5:50)
  • Tears from the Moon – Conjure One featuring Sinéad O’Connor (4:18)
  • Blood of Eden (Album Edit) – Peter Gabriel / Sinéad O’Connor (5:05)
  • Harbour – Moby featuring Sinéad O’Connor (6:25)
  • Up in Arms – Aslan / Sinéad O’Connor (3:40)
  • It’s all Good – Damien Dempsey / Sinéad O’Connor (4:23)
  • Heroine – The Edge and Sinéad O’Connor (4:25)
  • Monkey in Winter – The Colourfield featuring Sinéad O’Connor (5:01)
  • All Kinds of Everything – Sinéad O’Connor and Terry Hall (2:44)

Background Information

In 2005 Sinéad started planning her re-entry into music after a few years away. She had plans to release a new album after a period of semi-retirement. Riding on this new interest in the press in Sinéad and her music, EMI put together this compilation made up of past recordings done by Sinéad with a variety of artists in a variety of genres of music.

Two tracks are included here showing Sinéad’s work with U2, both taken from soundtracks. In 1986, for one of her earliest recordings, Sinéad O’Connor worked with The Edge on his recording of the soundtrack to the film “Captive”. The song had been released as a single and also featured on the soundtrack album. The version released here is the same as the one found on the soundtrack. Larry Mullen Jr. also joins The Edge on this track, although he is not credited in the liner notes for this release by Sinéad.

In 1997, Sinéad would work with all of U2 on the song “I’m Not Your Baby” for inclusion on the soundtrack to Wim Wenders film “The End of Violence”. The song was released on the soundtrack to that film, and an instrumental version, sans Sinéad was released on a U2 single.

The liner notes on the “Collaborations” album discusses Sinéad’s relationship with U2: “The singer has always had a chequered relationship with fellow Dubliners U2. She has accused them of being bombastic and overshadowing Irish music. But, back in 1986, before she had even completed her own debut, Sinéad worked with U2 guitarist The Edge on Heroine, an ethereal song from his soundtrack to the movie Captive. And, despite subsequent ups and downs, she hooked up with the band again on 1997’s “I’m Not Your Baby”: a more experimental, reverb-heavy piece from the Wim Wenders film “The End Of Violence”, that found her duetting with Bono.”

Liner Notes

Heroine: Written by The Edge / Michael Brook / Sinead O’Connor EMI Virgin Music. Produced by the Edge with Micheal Brook. Engineered by Kevin Moloney and Pearse Dunne. Remix by Steve Lillywhite.

I’m Not Your Baby: Music by U2. Lyrics by Bono. Produced by Howie B and Flood. Engineered by Mark “Spike” Stent. Assisted by Rob Kirwan. Mixed by Howie B. Assisted by Paul Falcone at the Hit Factory, NY. Vocal Production by Steve Osbourne.

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