"Unchained Melodies" - Orbison, Roy


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Full Track Listing:

  • Unchained Melody (03:55)
  • Blue Bayou (02:54)
  • She’s a Mystery to Me (03:53)
  • Heartbreak Radio (03:17)
  • Falling (02:31)
  • Walk On (03:22)
  • The Great Pretender (03:13)
  • The Crowd (03:07)
  • The Comedians (03:27)
  • Crawling Back (03:54)
  • Danny Boy (06:14)
  • Too Soon to Know (03:35)
  • Careless Heart (04:03)
  • California Blue (04:09)
  • Heartbreak Radio (03:10) (Featuring Cam)

Background Information

After three albums of adding strings to the music of Elvis Presley, The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra worked with producers Nick Patrick and Don Reedman on an album of Roy Orbison songs, which proved successful. The producers have now returned to work with another 15 of Orbison’s songs, producing the album Unchained Melodies, this time including the song “She’s A Mystery to Me”. The track is Orbison’s vocals from the original sessions, but the rock arrangement of the original is replaced with a orchestral backing track. The project was done in conjunction with several generations of Orbison’s family.

Recording by the orchestra was done in June 2018, at Abbey Road Studios in Studio 2.

“She’s A Mystery to Me” was written by Bono and The Edge, and featured on Orbison’s final album, Mystery Girl in 1989. The original track was recorded with Bono in studio and credited him with production.

The album of reworked Orbison classics was released on November 16, 2018, on digital formats, and physical formats including CD and vinyl. The vinyl was released a week later on November 23.

Liner Notes

She’s A Mystery to Me:
Written by Bono / The Edge. Lead vocal: Roy Orbison. Drums: Ralph Salmins. Bass: Steve Pearce. Piano: Pete Murray. Guitars: Roy Orbison Jr., Wesley Orbison, John Parricelli. Pedal Steel: Paul Franklin. Backing vocals: Jeffrey Foskett, Patty Matterson. Backing vocals arranged by Jeffrey Foskett. Orchestral arrangement: Chris Walden. Additional keyboards and programming: Nick Patrick and Don Reedman.

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