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Not Officially Released

Remixes are sometimes difficult to track in a discography such as the one we have here at U2Songs. Often a DJ or producer will release their own versions of the track which are not necessarily approved by the band or the record label. Sometimes they will have approval of one or the other but not both. These remixes are often released digitally these days, shared on the internet, part of podcasts or mix shows. In the past they would also often show up on 12-inch vinyl pressings for use by the DJ in their live sets.

This section will attempt to try to capture two different types of songs. One would be remixes commissioned by the band that have not been released for some reason. The band may approach producers for songs and then not be happy with the results, or in some cases they may have switched plans to go in another direction. We will also attempt to capture some of the remixes not commissioned by the band, but done by past associates of the band, such as early remixes done by producers such as TILT, Redanka and others in advance of officially remixing the single.

We will not be covering all third-party remixes. Remixes that have no connection to the band, to the label, or to the producers who work with the band will not be covered. These mixes are plentiful, and some are quite interesting, but this is not our focus here. Here we want to cover the mixes that came close to an official release in some way, or the work of producers who would later remix U2 officially. As most of this material remains unreleased, these tracks will not find their way into the discography.

Below we have a full list of what is covered in this section. Below the list is as much detailed information on each of these mixes as we were able to collect. We know that there are items missing, and expect there will always be items missing, as the very nature of these mixes is that they were unreleased in many cases. However, if you know of a mix you think we should consider plese get in touch. This will be a living document and we will update it as part of the discography as we get additional information about these mixes, or new mixes that need to be added.

The Full List:

  • All Because of You (Redanka's Indian Summer Remix, Killahurtz Fly Remix - Alternate Mix)
  • Beautiful Day (The Perfecto Dub)
  • Daddy's Gonna Pay For Your Crashed Car (The Perfecto Remix)
  • Discotheque (Ruff's New Club Anthem)
  • Every Breaking Wave (Alternate Studio Version)
  • Get On Your Boots (Terracotta Army Mix, Long Introduction)
  • Get Out of Your Own Way (Will Clarke Remix)
  • I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight (Alex Metric Remix, Christopher Lawrence Club Mix, Christopher Lawrence Dub Mix, Christopher Lawrence Radio Mix)
  • I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (Short Version, Instrumental, Long Version, Special Doc Mix - All by New Voices of Freedom)
  • Lemon (The Perfecto Mix - Instrumental)
  • Love is All We Have Left (Paul Oakenfold Remix)
  • Love is Bigger Than Anything in its Way (Dirty Disco Sunrise Remix, Dirty Pop Remix, MINDSKAP Remix, Junior Sanchez Acid Weekend Remix, Offer Nissim Short Remix, Vibe Posse OG Remix, Brian Cua Club Remix)
  • Magnificent (Adam White Remix, Bill Hamel Remix)
  • Miracle Drug (Redanka Miracle Dub, Redanka Miracle Mix, and edits)
  • Moment of Surrender (Mark Knight Remix)
  • Numb (The Orb: Assassin Live Orbient Mix, Def and Dumb Remix)
  • Ordinary Love (The Perfecto Remix)
  • Original of the Species (Killahurtz Casa De Angeles Remix)
  • Summer of Love (TILT & Danny Stubbs Original Perfecto Mix Version 1 and 2, HP Hoeger & Rusty Egan Chill Mix, HP Hoeger & Rusty Egan Sunset Mix, HP Hoeger & Rusty Egan Radio Show Mix, Hardwell Instrumental, DJLW Dub, Lauren Jaurequi Version)
  • Raised by Wolves (Adam White Mix)
  • Red Flag Day (HP Hoeger & Rusty Egan Mixes)
  • The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone) (Ambient Mix)
  • Vertigo (Redanka Mix - Original)
  • Wake Up Dead Man (UNKLE / James Lavelle Remix)
  • You're The Best Thing About Me (Kygo Original Mix)

Mix Details:

All Because of You

  • Redanka's Indian Summer Remix (07:12)
  • Redanka's Indian Summer Remix Edit (05:44)
  • Killahurtz Fly Remix - Alternate Mix (06:53)

Redanka had remixed U2's "Vertigo" which was released on the single for "Sometimes You Can't Make it on Your Own". After the success of that remix, he was able to work on other songs for the band at that time, including "All Because of You" and "Miracle Drug." He speaks of the mixes, "After that I was in a position to angle myself some other mixes from them so I had a go at ‘All Because Of You’ and ‘Miracle Drug’. I think personally the latter is one of the best mixes I’ve ever done but neither of them saw the light of day unfortunately. It’s a real shame because I know that Bono thought the ‘Miracle Drug’ mix was amazing, but they’re a democracy and so he must have been out-voted on that one…"

Although never released, both the mixes for "All Because of You" and "Miracle Drug" have appeared over the years on the Internet, supposedly from promotional CDRs, but more likely from CDRs in use by the DJ to share the tracks with friends. Redanka also shared his tracks through his MySpace page, which means that these tracks are out there in lower quality as well.

In the case of Redanka's "All Because of You" the DJ himself circulated two different versions of a CDR containing these mixes. One contained just the full length remix, at was labeled with a marker. The other CDR looked more professional, but was also generated by Redanka and contained the full length mix as well as an edit of the track.

The remix of "All Because of You" titled the Killahurtz Fly Mix on the "City of Blinding Lights" single was 05:40 in length. But a longer version is available, at 06:53, and was sent around on CDR by the producers of the track to drum up support for the remix.

Beautiful Day

  • The Perfecto Dub (06:50)

A Dub version (less vocal) of Oakenfold's "Beautiful Day" (The Perfecto Mix) was released on 12-inch vinyl, on a white label pressing for use in DJ sets. The vinyl had limited distribution.

Daddy's Gonna Pay For Your Crashed Car

  • The Perfecto Remix

Another remix by Paul Oakenfold, which has had limited distribution. Reports of a white label 12-inch exist, but the song has also been played in Oakenfold's sets, some of which have been broadcast on radio and subsequently bootlegged. Including a mix that was aired on BBC Radio 1 on November 6, 1993.

In 2014, Oakenfold uploaded a copy of the broadcast to YouTube which is a marked improvement over what has been played over the years. That broadcast, is available here.


  • Ruff's New Club Anthem (11:10)

U2Log.Com was well known for its Christmas audio gifts back when the site was still active. It featured a number of rarities including versions of "GoldenEye" with Bono doing the vocals. From the archives there came this mix in mp3 format, and the information with the song only claimed that the track had been taken from a French Acetate. We can't share any further light on the track, but knowing the gang at U2Log.com we felt that it merited inclusion here.

Every Breaking Wave

  • Alternate Studio Version (04:15)

As part of the promotion of Songs of Innocence a video was released digitally titled "Films of Innocence", and on the video each song was interpreted as a video by a different artist. The video for "Every Breaking Wave" was done by director Robin Rhode. The final version of the released video included the album version of "Every Breaking Wave." To promote the video, however, each video was made available at a different media outlet for 24-hours. The "Every Breaking Wave" video was made available at Complex. And when the video was initially posted, the video was posted with an alternate mix of "Every Breaking Wave," complete with audio watermark that said "This is a watermark for Robin Rhode," at the start and the end of the track.

The error was quickly caught, and the track was removed, and replaced with a video with the finished audio later in the day. In the meantime fans got to hear a taste of an earlier version of the album.

Get On Your Boots

  • Terracotta Army Let Me in the Sound Remix (07:16)
  • Long Introduction (03:47)

The "Terracotta Army Remix" of "Get On Your Boots" was another guerilla mix of a U2 song, meaning the remixers worked from the album version of the song, and were not working from the stems or original pieces of the recording. The Terracotta Army was a collective of Olly Hawthorne, Mike Painter, Kev McGee, Nic Britton and Mick Park. If those last two names sound familiar it is because Nic Britton and Mick Park went on to form TILT, who remixed the Perfecto remix of "Summer of Love" and Mick Park also did a number of earlier mixes as part of "Killahurtz." The Terracotta Army Mix was released online, and also sent to U2's management team, where it was considered for a release, but eventually decided not to release the song. The song remains unreleased in any capacity at this time but can be heard on SoundCloud. The song is also sometimes referred to as the "Terracotta Army So Sexy Remix."

The "Long Introduction" version of "Get On Your Boots" opens with the repeating sound of "The Future", then Bono's "Da da da da" opening that he would often do live in concert. The entire mix was used in a promotional video which was posted on Amazon.Com when the album was put up for pre-orders. No audio version of the song has been released, and it was only used in the Amazon advertisement to our knowledge. Other than the opening of the song, the remainder of the song is the same mix of the final album version of the song.

Get Out Of Your Own Way

  • Will Clarke Remix (04:55)

Before he was asked to work on a remix of "Love is Bigger Than Anything in its Way" for a commercial release, Will Clarke was initially approached to remix "Get Out of Your Own Way." That project shifted quickly and the mix although completed was never released, and Clarke was asked to give a try at the newer single instead, and was included on the first EP commercially released for that next song.

Clarke elaborated in an interview with U2Songs, "So when I first got asked to remix U2 I was sent the parts to “Get Out.“’ I completed the remix and everyone was super into it; however, U2’s team changed their mind on what needed being remixed so they gave me the parts to “Love Is Bigger.” I actually love both remixes if I’m honest so i play both of them in my sets."

I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight

  • Alex Metric Remix (06:12)
  • Christopher Lawrence Club Mix (07:12)
  • Christopher Lawrence Dub Mix (07:13)
  • Christopher Lawrence Radio Mix (03:33)

Although both Alex Metric and Christopher Lawrence were approched to do official mixes of the song, neither had an official release. On his Facebook site, Alex Metric wrote, "not sure that the U2 remix is going to get an official release now. Though it was loved by the label for some reason the band decided they didnt like it. (possibly because it sounded better than their version ;) ) Lets hope it gets "leaked" accidentally eh...."

Metric's version of the song was played on BBC's "In New DJ's We Trust" on July 10, 2009 and the mix came in around six minutes in length.

Christopher Lawrence faced a similar issue, and his remixes were not picked up for an official release, which he spoke about in the Las Vegas Sun, "I think it’s important to make music accessible, especially as a DJ that tours internationally. I can’t be in every country every week and so by doing my radio show called Rush Hour ... by doing live mixes at events that I play and making those available on my website, those kind of things allow people around the globe to experience the music that I’m playing. … It’s just a way of giving back. The same with the U2 remix that I did. We had decided that we didn’t have a label that we thought could put it out properly, so the best thing to do was just give it away. That way everyone can have it. It’s just kind of a fun thing to do." Lawrence released three versions of his mix through his website, rushhourradio.net (no longer active.) Of the mix Lawrence said, being given the opportunity to remix one of U2's songs was a dream come true. Bono's voice is a such a signature sound to the band's identity, I felt it was important to use as much of the original vocals of the song as possible to maintain the integrity of the song." Lawrence made his "Bootleg Remixes" of the U2 track available on December 1, 2009.

Christopher Lawrence's Club Mix was also used in a Planet Perfecto Podcast, episode 048, in January 2010.

I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For

  • Short Version - New Voices of Freedom (03:52)
  • Instrumental - New Voices of Freedom (06:41)
  • Long Version - New Voices of Freedom (06:33)
  • Special Doc Mix - New Voices of Freedom (06:50)

By the time "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" was released as a single, The Joshua Tree had become a major hit, and Island Records was eager to capitalize on that success. The label commissioned New York choir director Dennis Bell to record a "gospel" version of the song, with an eye toward releasing it after U2's version had peaked on the charts. Island Records' founder, Chris Blackwell, stepped in and put a stop to this plan, suggesting that it would look like a money-grab.

In the summer of 1987, while on tour in Europe, Bell had an opportunity to play the recorded gospel demo, featuring a choir known as the New Voices of Freedom, for U2. On September 28, 1987, while in New York for a stop on The Joshua Tree Tour, U2 met with the choir and practiced performing "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" with them in a church in Harlem. Those sessions led to a live performance at Madison Square Garden, which would be recorded and later released on the Rattle and Hum album. Video footage of the rehearsals in Harlem would also turn up in the Rattle and Hum film.

These mixes were self-released through DOC records, and are some of the mixes submitted for use on the single prior to it being pulled from consideration.


  • The Perfecto Mix - Instrumental (07:57)

Unlike many of the remixes listed here, this one was actually released. Oakenfold remixed U2's Lemon in 1993 but he went a little further with the track. He took the instrumental version of the mix that he had done for U2, sped it up slightly and started using it in his sets under the name "Orange." He asked for permission to use it and to release it. U2 agreed and Oakenfold brought in vocalist Dominique Atkins, and they recorded lyrics for the song, now known as "Skin On Skin," and released the song under the band name, Grace.

"Skin On Skin" was released as a single with several mixes, "Oakenfold & Osborne 7-Inch Mix," "Oakenfold & Osborne 12-Inch Mix," "Man With No Name Remix," and the "Oakenfold & Osborne Dub," all remixing the song recorded as Grace. Also included, the instrumental remix of the song, now titled "Skin on Skin (Orange Mix)" which is the sped up instrumental version of "Lemon." The mix is available on the single for "Skin on Skin" and has also been released on a number of compilations by Oakenfold over the years.

Love Is All We Have Left

  • The Paul Oakenfold Remix

Paul Oakenfold remixed "Love is All We Have Left" and has been using the song in his live sets, his Perfecto podcasts, and has released the song on YouTube. More information about the mix is available in our news archive here.

Love Is Bigger Than Anything in its Way

  • Dirty Disco Sunrise Remix (07:42)
  • Dirty Pop Remix
  • MINDSKAP Remix (06:08)
  • Junior Sanchez Acid Weekend Remix
  • Offer Nissim Short Remix (04:08)
  • Isak Salazar & Erick Ibiza Dubby Mix Edit (05:03)
  • Vibe Posse OG Remix
  • Brian Cua Club Remix (04:46)

Initially mentioned as part of a promotional pack of tracks on June 11, 2018, both The Dirty Disco Sunrise Mix, and the full MINDSKAP Remix were not present in the set. The Dirty Disco Sunrise Mix was released by the producers on their SoundCloud and the longer version of the MINDSKAP Remix was used in a video for the song posted to YouTube.

The shorter versions of the Offer Nissim remix and the Isak Salazar & Erick Ibiza Dubby Mix were both posted by the DJs on their own SoundCloud accounts. In both cases it was a longer mix that was released.

Other mixes were completed for the promotion of the song but were not chosen for release. This included the Brian Cua Club Remix, the Junior Sanchez Acid Weekend Remix, and the Dirty Pop Remix. We know of the Dirty Pop Remix via our interview with remixer DrewG who worked with Brian Cua on the mix. Brian Cua's Club Remix was posted to the producers SoundCloud account. The Junior Sanchez Remix remains unreleased, but has been played on RTE on Christian Honan's Twilight on Pulse radio show.


  • Adam White Remix (05:49)
  • Bill Hamel & Derek James Remix (07:07)

Adam White is a DJ who has worked with Paul Oakenfold's Perfecto label. He shows up twice in our lists here, with remixes of "Magnificent" and "Raised by Wolves". White's mixes have been featured on Oakenfold's Planet Perfecto podcast.

The DJ has posted his mix to YouTube. The mix was featured in various episodes of Oakenfold's Planet Perfecto podcast including episodes 011, 014, 015, 019, 020, 021, 024, 025 and 027 between May and October 2009. As a continuous mix, the songs in the podcast bleed into the songs before and after, so the remix may appear to be different lengths in these episodes. The track time listed above is for the version on the DJ's YouTube account.

Bill Hamel and Derek James were also commissioned to do a remix of U2's "Magnficent" but the mix that they completed was never released commercially. Hamel does list U2 in his resume, and the mix was posted to Hamel's SoundCloud page (but is no longer available).

Miracle Drug

  • Redanka Miracle Dub (08:13)
  • Redanka Miracle Dub Edit (06:07)
  • Redanka Miracle Mix (Sometimes called the Zootopia Vox Mix) (08:39)
  • Redanka's Zootopian Vocal Mix Edit (05:32)

Redanka had remixed U2's "Vertigo" which was released on the single for "Sometimes You Can't Make it on Your Own". After the success of that remix, he was able to work on other songs for the band at that time, including "All Because of You" and "Miracle Drug." He speaks of the mixes, "After that I was in a position to angle myself some other mixes from them so I had a go at ‘All Because Of You’ and ‘Miracle Drug’. I think personally the latter is one of the best mixes I’ve ever done but neither of them saw the light of day unfortunately. It’s a real shame because I know that Bono thought the ‘Miracle Drug’ mix was amazing, but they’re a democracy and so he must have been out-voted on that one…" There are two mixes here, a vocal mix and a dub mix, with two different edits of each also available.

Although never released, both the mixes for "All Because of You" and "Miracle Drug" have appeared over the years on the Internet, supposedly from promotional CDRs, but more likely from CDRs in use by the DJ to share the tracks with friends. Redanka had shared the "Miracle Drug" mixes on his MySpace page.

In the case of "Miracle Drug", Redanka did include the two mixes as part of his April 2005 Showreel (The Dub Edit, and the Zootopian Vocal Mix Edit). A Showreel is a CDR of work done by DJs to provide samples of their work, almost like a resume. On the Showreel the tracks were labeled "Redanka's Miracle Dub Edit" and "Redanka's Zootopian Vocal Mix Edit".

Moment of Surrender

  • Mark Knight Remix (06:09)

Four singles were originally planned for No Line on the Horizon and it looked like "Moment of Surrender" might have been the fourth and final single. It however did not happen. But the band did try to get a radio edit of the song put together by producer Brian Eno, and DJ Mark Knight played his remix of the song at Creamfields and at other sets. In an interview with Beatport, he stated that the remix was his "remix of the brand new U2 single."


  • The Orb: Assassin Live Orbient Mix
  • Def + Number Mix 2 / Def N Dumb Remix

The Orb remixed U2's "Numb" but the results have never been released. An entry on U2.Com about the single reveals that "British dance experimentalists The Orb created two remixes of Numb - The Assassin (live orbient) and Numb (def + numb mix 2). Both remain unreleased."

In an interview with Perfect Sound Forever, The Orb spoke about the mix, "The Orb had completed a remix of U2's "Numb" but U2 never released the results. 'It's sitting at home somewhere,' says Hughes. '[It's] a much sought after piece of music.' Which is a statement that can be applied to just about every one of the countless remixes The Orb have done. Primal Scream, Erasure, Depeche Mode, and, more recently, label mates The Cranberries are among those who've had their music reconstructed by the band. While Paterson and Hughes acknowledge that remixes are mostly done to pay the bills artistic expression is also an important factor. 'It's a bit of challenge... A lot of people are like, 'We need an Orb remix', but then none of them have really heard a remix that we've done. They expect their song with not much changed but you really get an Orb track with bits of your song on it.'"

The Orb remix sounds nothing like the U2 song of the original name. Although at times you can hear a bit of the original vocal.

Ordinary Love

  • The Paul Oakenfold Bootleg Remix (04:23)

The Paul Oakenfold Bootleg Remix of "Ordinary Love" was posted on April 22, 2014 on the producers YouTube channel. No information about the song was posted, and the mix has never been released otherwise. At the time however, U2 were hoping to win an Oscar for the song, and perhaps there was some thought given to further release the song beyond the handful of promotional releases and the Record Store Day release for Black Friday.

Original of the Species

  • Killahurtz Casa De Angeles Remix (05:14)

Mick Park had remixed "All Because of You" as part of the Killahurtz name and was asked back to remix "Original of the Species" when it was being looked at as a single. In the end the remix wasn't used, but the song has been shared over the years.

Mick told us, "And then when “All Because of You” came out I managed to get the remix on that, released under the name “Killahurtz Fly Mix.” That remix was done with friends, Lea Kenny and Darren Murphy. Which the band loved; it got played on Radio 1 once again. So that really helped. And then they asked us to do a little remix on “Original of the Species”. We [Mick, Lea and Darren] tried to do that one a bit more downtempo, not the sort of normal dance mix, that we’re best known for. We really liked it; we did a lot of work on that, but I think by that time they had decided they didn’t want to do any more mixes. That kind of fell by the wayside. I think it was one of those situations, 'Do we do it, or don’t we do it?'"

Summer of Love

  • TILT & Danny Stubbs Original Perfecto Mix Version 1 (03:55)
  • TILT & Danny Stubbs Original Perfecto Mix Version 2 (04:04)
  • HP Hoeger & Rusty Egan Chill Mix (04:57)
  • HP Hoeger & Rusty Egan Sunset Mix (05:51)
  • HP Hoeger & Rusty Egan Radio Mix
  • Hardwell Instrumental (03:52)
  • DJLW Dub Mix (04:49)
  • Lauren Jauregui Mix

TILT is 1/2 made up of Mick Park, who has landed in our list in a few other locations as part of Killahurtz. The original version of their "Summer of Love" Perfecto Mix was done from the original album tracks, and without access to the stems. The mix was something done for themselves. But as Mick Park tells us, it didn't stay for themselves for long. "We wanted to have a mix just for ourselves, just something to play in our DJ sets, I thought this song, “Summer of Love,” it was 30 years this year since the Summer of Love in London, a big dance movement that happened when Paul Oakenfold, Danny Rampling and people like that brought back the Balearic sound from Ibiza, which sort of launched the dance music culture in the UK. I thought the whole story there lent to a really good idea, and if done correctly, the band would really dig it. So that is what we worked on, within two days we got the bare bones of the mix. On the third day, a really random thing, someone contacted me that they were looking for songs for Radio 1. “Do you have anything?” So I said, “Funny enough, I’ve got a U2 thing that we’re working on.” They said, “Get it to us by 2 o’clock and if we like it we’ll play it.” And I thought OK, we can try that. Then by 4 o’clock we found out they absolutely loved the mix, and they played it that night."

The mix was eventually shared with U2, who asked TILT and Danny Stubbs to take the song and recreate the mix from the stems. There were two edits of the original mix from the full album mix shared by TILT on their YouTube channel. In December 2017 they shared a version that was 03:55 in length. In March 2018 they replaced that with a slightly longer version, with a longer intro to the track at 04:04 in length. When they posted the shorter versions they removed the original. For more information on this mix, please visit our interview with Mick Park of TILT and Danny Stubbs.

Rusty Egan and HP Hoeger had also done their own guerilla mix of "Summer of Love," where they take the album track and make their own mix. They played this initial mix on Rusty's "Welcome to the Beach" stream, which resulted in good word of mouth about the song, and lead to Egan and Hoeger working on official mixes for "Red Flag Day" and later "Summer of Love" itself. Two official remixes of "Summer of Love" have been completed and released, neither are the same as this mix that was initially played on radio, the "Driftaway" mix was commercially released and the "Heatwave" mix was released for promotion. A third mix, the "Chill" mix leaked on the internet, although the original source was unknown. A fourth mix by Egan and Hoeger, the "Sunset" mix, has not leaked, but Egan has featured the song on radio broadcasts. These last two mixes, the "Sunset" mix and the "Chill" mix have not been officially released, for promotion or commercially.

An additional mix by Hardwell also leaked onto the Internet with no clear source, this mix, an Instrumental version of the song, appeared at the same time a leak of the "Hardwell Mix Edit" appeared, which was eventually commercially released.

DJLW, or DJ Lynnwood, did two officially released mixes of "Summer of Love," distributed for promotion. But a few days prior to these being released, he released those two mixes and a mix called the "DJLW Dub" on his own website through SoundCloud.

Finally one last known remix is a remix of "Summer of Love" that was due to feature vocals by Lauren Jauregui of Fifth Harmony. Stewart Lerman was in studio to record vocals for Jauregui on the song at Electric Lady Studios in New York City. He also spoke about it on a podcast: "…one day on a U2 remix, doing a new vocal, with a gal who probably Bella would know. Lauren Jauregui, she’s from a band called Fifth Harmony. She came in. Bono already had his vocal already done. They had done the track, it’s on their last record, somebody tweaked it up to be more of a dance thing. And they got this gal on it. The track was good…it was much faster than the record. And this gal had rewritten her verse, and did all these backing vocals. So that was a day. The track could be a pretty big international song. She sang it in Spanish also. She’s part Cuban. It was mostly in English, and then she did a Spanish version which was really nice." Lerman was not the remixer of the track, he was recording vocals for a remix which had already been done. It is unknown who did the remix of the song, or why it was never released.

Raised by Wolves

  • Adam White Mix

Adam White is a DJ who has worked with Paul Oakenfold's Perfecto label. He shows up twice in our lists here, with remixes of "Magnificent" and "Raised by Wolves". White's mixes have been featured on Oakenfold's Planet Perfecto podcast.

The mix was featured in various episodes of Oakenfold's Planet Perfecto podcast including episodes 255, 257, 259, 265, 271 and 278 between September 2015 and February 2016. As a continuous mix, the songs in the podcast bleed into the songs before and after, so the remix may appear to be different lengths in these episodes. At the time, "Raised by Wolves" was rumoured to be the final single for the album.

Red Flag Day

  • HP Hoeger and Rusty Egan Remixes

HP Hoeger and Rusty Egan initially did a guerilla mix of "Summer of Love," which got them an officially opportunity to remix "Love is Bigger Than Anything in its Way," and "Summer of Love." They were also asked to remix "Red Flag Day," when that was still being contemplated as a final single from Songs of Experience.

We are told that four remixes were submitted and accepted for the song. Unfortunately plans to release the song were canceled and these remixes remain unreleased. We are told that the names for the mixes included the "Red Rocks Mix," and the "Paradise Mix." Perhaps some day these mixes may see the light of day.

The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone)

  • Ambient Mix

At the end of concerts on the early stops of the 2018 Experience and Innocence tour came to a close, fans would hear a U2 remix as they left the show. On set lists this was identified as "The Miracle (of Joey Ramone)" (Ambiant Mix), with Ambient misspelled as Ambiant. This mix has a long instrumental opening, and can definitely be identified as a remix of the song from 2015 the band used to open the shows. It is not known for sure who remixed this song, and to date there has not been a leak of a good quality version of this mix (not to our knowledge!).

This remix made an appearance again at the shows in Dublin that came near the end of the tour, and featured Bono singing over top of a backing track. We are told that the mix may have been done by the team known as St Francis Hotel, who have worked on other mixes as part of the U2 production, including the mix of "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me" that had been used during the intermission of the show.


  • Redanka Mix - Original (07:34)
  • Redanka Mix Edit - Original (04:36)

The original version of Redanka's remix of Vertigo was a different version than what was eventually released. Redanka related the story of the song, "Someone – could have been Mick Park – sent me a link to an mp3 of an as yet unreleased U2 song called ‘Vertigo’ so I thought I’d try and make it into a club-playable track using just the stereo file. Just for me to play out really. I did a bit of phase reversing and EQing on certain parts to leave some space for my beats etc and came up with something that was playable. I sent a copy to Pete Tong not really expecting much to be honest, but that night he played it on the Essential Selection – much to my surprise!

"The next day I had a call from a guy named Dylan White who was responsible for taking the bands version to radio. He wanted to know how I’d got the parts and made the mix so I explained it was just the stereo file I’d used. He then told me the band had heard it and loved it and would I be interested in tidying it up with the original parts so they could release it. You can imagine my reaction as a fan so I tidied it up and they released it as the B Side to ‘Sometimes You Can’t Make It On Your Own‘ which got to number 1 in the UK charts! That’ll do!"

The remix was played on Pete Tong's Essential Selection on October 15, 2004. A CDR for promotion has circulated with the two edits of Redanka's early mix along with a note from Redanka.

Wake Up Dead Man

  • UNKLE / James Lavalle Remix (04:56)

In 1997 a remix of the song "Wake Up Dead Man" was completed by the British group UNKLE. The band had worked on the remix, but it was never released. The connection between the two was DJ Howie B, who had been involved with the band previously. The mix remained unreleased until March 2018, when James Lavelle of UNKLE, now hosting a monthly radio show on Soho Radio pulled out the mix and played it on air. The song was played with a voice that is layered over top in places that says 'exclusive'.

The remix was played again on the BBC when James Lavalle appeared on Nemone's Electric Ladyland in February 2019. This time only a shortened version of the mix was heard, but without the voiceover exclaiming that it was an exclusive track. It does appear that this second play of the mix was a slightly altered version of the mix.

You're The Best Thing About Me

  • Original Kygo Remix (04:26)

In the summer of 2017 U2's plans included releasing a new album that fall, and one of the participants, Kygo, didn't get the message when those plans changed and the album was held back another year. At the Cloud Nine Festival in Bergen, Norway, he spun his new mix of U2's new single, "You're The Best Thing About Me." While similar to his mix that was eventually released over a year later, there were some differences, including the lines, "Well the world is ours, And every door smells of fresh paint." These lines are not present in the version eventually released. And while there has never been a release of the studio version of this early remix by Kygo, he did play it in his set, and we felt it deserved inclusion here.

Other Mixes:

A number of items do have entries in the current discography as these items fit into one or more of the catalog sections we do track. Some items are long rumoured but we have determined it is likely that they do not exist. Here are a few items that you may have come here to find, which may be better found elsewhere.

  • Jacknife Lee Mix of "Window in the Skies"" - included with other tracks from Jacknife Lee's site in the discography.
  • Mofo - Underworld Remixes - These have never happened. Originally U2 and Underworld got together in studio to work on a song together, but were unable to come to a finish. It was reported that these were new tracks with Brian Eno although some have suggested it was a new version of "Mofo" that the two bands were working on.
  • New Year's Dub 2000 (Ferry Corsten Remixes) - These have appeared on an internal Island Records promotional disc.

We also maintain a list of Lost Recordings, news articles that discuss songs that have been recorded but have never been released including Bono's song with Swizz Beats and Kanye West, "North Star" from the Transformers movie and so on. We also maintain a list of items which have been falsely attributed to U2 in the past.