"Original Soundchat 1" - Passengers

Promotional Release

Track Listing:

Full Track Listing:

Disc One:
  • Short Form Interview (No Music) (14:14)

Disc Two:

  • Short Form Interview with Music (21:20)
  • Long Form Interview with Music Segment 1 (10:25)
  • Long Form Interview with Music Segment 2 (9:04)
  • Long Form Interview with Music Segment 3 (18:53)

Background Information

This is a double interview disc released to promote the release of “Original Soundtracks 1”.

Released in digipack packaging in the UK these interview discs features interviews with U2 (Bono, The Edge, and Adam Clayton participate) and the other Passengers, including Holi, Brian Eno, Howie B. and Pavarotti. The first disc is made up of the following segments:

  • Introductions
  • On the Origins of Miss Sarajevo
  • On the Origins of Passengers
  • On Original Soundtracks and Film Music
  • On the various Members
  • On Slug
  • On Your Blue Room
  • On the future of Passengers
  • On Bosnia
  • On the Modena Concert

Only a brief piece of the answers are featured on the first disc, there are no questions, nor any music on this disc. These snippets of the interview allowed a radio programmer to know when a track was nearing the end, so they could insert commercials or other breaks such as station identification.

The second disc contains music from the album, along with the same interview broken up in two ways. The short form features the answers as well as questions mixed with small selections of songs from “Original Soundtracks 1.” The short form of the interview is a continuous track, and runs for a total of 20 minutes.

The long form features the entire interview, questions included, and longer pieces of music from the album. Songs featured in these segments are “Miss Sarajevo”, “Let’s Go Native,” “Plot 180,” “Ito Okashi,” “Your Blue Room” and “Always Forever Now.” The long form interview is split into 3 segments for a total of 40 minutes. An alternate version of “Miss Sarajevo” can briefly be heard on this release as part of the interview, but it is not the full recording of the song.

Liner Notes

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