"For the Children of Bosnia" - Pavarotti and Friends

Promotional Release

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Full Track Listing

Four Track Promo:

  • Serenata Rap – Pavarotti / Jovanotti (4:13)
  • Miss Sarajevo – Passengers (6:07)
  • Ordinary World – Pavarotti / Simon Le Bon (5:44)
  • Can We Go Higher? – Nenad Bach (4:18)

Full Length Promo:

  • Per Colpa Di Chi? – Zucchero (4:04)
  • Serenata Rap / Mattinata – Pavarotti / Jovanotti (4:26)
  • Can We Go Higher? – Nenad Bach (4:28)
  • Ordinary World – Pavarotti / Simon Le Bon (5:57)
  • Clap Clap – Gam Gam (5:03)
  • Miss Sarajevo – Passengers (6:22)
  • Cosi Celeste – Pavarotti / Zucchero (4:55)
  • Linger – Dolores O’Riordan / Simon Le Bon (4:58)
  • Come Back to Sorrento – Pavarotti / Meatloaf (3:25)
  • Penso Positivo – Jovanotti (6:15)
  • Vesti La Glubba – Pavarotti / Michael Bolton (3:32)
  • Heaven Can Wait – Meatloaf (5:21)
  • Ave Maria – Pavarotti / Dolores O’Riordan (4:03)
  • One – Brian Eno / Bono / The Edge (5:06)
  • The Long Black Veil – The Chieftens (5:33)
  • Funiculi, Funicula – The Chieftens / Pavarotti (2:25)
  • Nessun Dorma – Ensemble (2:57)

Background Information

There were two notable promotional releases for Pavarotti’s “Pavarotti and Friends Together for the Children of Bosnia” project. Both of these were released in a card sleeve, and both had identical front covers, so caution is advised if trying to locate one specific release.

The first one released, was released in a card sleeve, and appeared prior to the album. It was an EP containing just four songs from the main album. Included is a version of “Miss Sarajevo” performed by Bono, The Edge, Brian Eno and Pavarotti. This version of the song is slightly longer than the version on the album due to additional crowd noise between songs being included in this edit. This version also fades in and fades out which differs from the album track which does not fade, and continues from the previous track. This version on this EP promo is also mixed slightly lower in volume, and the peak volume for the track is 87.5% vs. the album version which has a peak at 91.7%.

The second promo was also in a card sleeve, and was released when the full album was for promotion. This version contains the full album, and is edited the same as the album itself. Included on this promotional release are the songs “Miss Sarajevo” and “One” performed by Bono and The Edge (as well as Eno) and “Nessun Dorma” which includes Bono and the Edge singing at the end of the concert.

Liner Notes

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