"Go Cat Go" - Perkins, Carl


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Full Track Listing:

  • All Mama’s Children – Carl Perkins & John Fogerty (2:10)
  • One More Shot (At Loving You) – Carl Perkins & Tom Petty (2:49)
  • Rockabilly Music – Carl Perkins & Paul Simon (3:21)
  • Distance Makes No Difference With Love – Carl Perkins & George Harrison (4:12)
  • Give Me Back My Job – Carl Perkins, Bono, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson & Tom Petty (4:04)
  • Blue Suede Shoes – Jimi Hendrix Experience (4:04)
  • Quarter Horse – Carl Perkins (2:24)
  • Don’t Stop the Music – Carl Perkins (3:13)
  • Matchbox – Carl Perkins & Willie Nelson (2:20)
  • Go Cat Go – Carl Perkins (3:00)
  • Two Old Army Pals – Carl Perkins & Johnny Cash (2:49)
  • Honey Don’t – Carl Perkins & Ringo Starr (2:43)
  • Wild Texas Wind – Carl Perkins & Willie Nelson (4:17)
  • Restless – Carl Perkins & Tom Petty (4:25)
  • A Mile out of Memphis – Carl Perkins & Paul Simon (3:05)
  • My Old Friend – Carl Perkins & Paul McCartney (3:21)

Background Information

Carl Perkins was an American rockabilly musician who started recording for Sun Studios in 1954. “Go Cat Go” was the last album Perkins recorded and released before his death in January of 1998. The album was recorded in 1996, and was released late in that year. To record the album, Perkins went out to a variety of artists and asked them to record some of his old songs.

Bono appears on the song “Give Me Back My Job”. On that track, Bono is one voice of many. Vocals are performed by Bono as well as Perkins himself, and other special guests, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson and Tom Petty. The track features each of the guest vocalists singing one verse of the song, and then each sing one line of the fifth verse. The final verse of the song is sung by Perkins. Bono sings the second verse, as well as the first line in the verse all the guests sing on.

The album was initially released by Dinosaur entertainment in a yellow cover, with a pair of shoes and Perkins signature on the front cover. There was a later second release which is orange and blue in colour, and features a guitar pick behind Perkin’s name. Both releases contain the same tracks. The second release was put out in 1999. It refers people to a website to look up the individual song credits, but that site no longer exists. The original release in the yellow cover contained full song credits.

Liner Notes

Give Me Back My Job:
Performed by Carl Perkins, Bono, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson and Tom Petty.Written by Jim Garland. Produced by Andrew Monroe. Co-Produced by Don Robert Johnston and Bob Johnston. Mixed by Andrew Monroe, Robert Johnston and Bob Johnston. Engineered by Tom Flye and Mark Dearnly. Vocals – Carl Perkins, Bono, Johnny Cash, WIllie Nelson and Tom Petty. Guitar: Jesse Johnson, Larry Crane, David Grissom, Vernon Black, Charlie Daniels, Dave Sharp. Bass: Ross Valery. Harmonica: Mickey Raphael. Drums: Prarire Prince. Percussion: Tony Menjivar. Horns arranged and performed by Paul Barrett.

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