"Citizen Penn" - Perry, Linda


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Full Track Listing:

  • Take Your Seats – Linda Perry (01:11)
  • Who’s Sean Penn – Linda Perry (03:09)
  • Pain and Purpose – Linda Perry (01:34)
  • January 12, 2010 – Linda Perry (02:02)
  • Assembling the Team – Linda Perry (01:10)
  • Get in the Car – Linda Perry (01:13)
  • Supply Run – Linda Perry (00:57)
  • Civil War Medicine – Linda Perry (00:47)
  • Finding the Camp – Linda Perry (01:11)
  • Deciding to Stay – Linda Perry (01:48)
  • Our Hospital – Linda Perry (02:18)
  • In Transit – Linda Perry (02:32)
  • A Brief History of Haiti – Linda Perry (03:05)
  • Long Moan – Linda Perry (01:06)
  • Loaded Up, On the Way – Linda Perry (01:26)
  • They’re Gone – Linda Perry (00:33)
  • People Were Suspicious – Linda Perry (03:40)
  • Oriel – Linda Perry (03:25)
  • Searching Port Au Prince – Linda Perry (01:37)
  • Left Alone – Linda Perry (01:56)
  • Relocation – Linda Perry (03:40)*
  • Miles of Rubble – Linda Perry (01:12)
  • Heavy Machinery – Linda Perry (00:37)
  • Miles of Rubble Reprise – Linda Perry (01:03)
  • A Dangerous Situation – Linda Perry (02:28)
  • Cholera Strikes – Linda Perry (01:38)
  • In My Country – Linda Perry (01:28)
  • The Gala – Linda Perry (02:33)
  • Year After Year – Linda Perry (01:23)
  • Progress and Hope – Linda Perry (02:23)
  • The New Boss – Linda Perry (01:56)*
  • Morning in Paris – Linda Perry (01:01)*
  • Haiti Takes Root – Linda Perry (02:21)
  • Back in Front of the Cameras – Linda Perry (00:46)*
  • Disaster Response Mode – Linda Perry (05:01)
  • Morning in Savannah – Linda Perry (01:44)
  • The Bahamas Happens – Linda Perry (01:14)
  • Stone Soup – Linda Perry (02:51)
  • The Most Distant Daylight – Linda Perry (03:09)
  • Eden (To Find Love) – Bono (04:28)

Background Information

Bono sings lead vocals and co-writes a song “Eden: To Find Love” on this soundtrack to the Discovery+ soundtrack to Citizen Penn. The song is co-written by Linda Perry of 4 Non Blondes, who also produces the song, and developed the rest of the score for the film. The score was originally planned for May 7th based on the press release, but was delayed until May 21, 2021. The film launched May 6th on Discovery+ which was where the track was first heard.

On May 20, 2021 a streaming video was added to U2’s YouTube account. The video features the song, with a lyric video. The concept for the video was by Gavin Friday and Don Hardy who directed Citizen Penn, and was directed by Don Hardy. The video features clips and audio from the film ahead of the start of the song. These fade as the song begins.

The audio soundtrack was released two weeks after the movie started streaming, May 21, 2021 on digital streaming services and digital store fronts. It was available in compressed audio formats as well as uncompressed formats. The soundtrack is made up of 40 tracks, and runs just shy of two hours of music.

Of the song Bono told Rolling Stone “In this song I play God and Sean plays Adam, having explained that it was me not Eve who got us thrown out of the Eden…or something like that. Linda helped me strip this all right back, and I even got our daughter Jordan on backing vocals. It’s a family affair.” Although not mentioned, the track features not one Hewson but three. Both Jordan and Eli Hewson are credited with vocals on the track. Eli is also credited with recording the backing vocals.

Liner Notes

Eden (To Find Love):
Bono: Lead Vocals. David Goodstein: Drums. Whynot Jansveld: Bass. Damon Fox: Acoustic Guitar, Keys. Eli Pearl: Guitar. Linda Perry: Guitar. Elijah Hewson: Background Vocals. Jordan Hewson: Background Vocals.
Produced and engineered by Linda Perry. Assisted by Luis Flores. Recorded at Greenleaf Studios. Additional background vocals recorded by Elijah Hewson. Mixed by Rob Kineski. Assisted by Casey Cuayo and Eli Heisler. Mastered by John Greenham at Clearlight Mastering. Assisted by Tess Greenham. Bono appears courtesy of Island Records. Elijah Hewson appears courtesy of Polydor Records.

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