"Nada" - Prunes, The


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Full Track Listing:

  • Sleeplight
  • Build A Temple of Your Soul
  • Dissolve To…
  • Flower
  • In the Night
  • Loaded in a Crazy Dream of Hell
  • Voice Over
  • Walking
  • Sol Sunset

Background Information

The Prunes were an offshoot of the Virgin Prunes. The Virgin Prunes were a parallel group to U2, formed by a number of childhood friends of U2, including Gavin Friday, and Dik Evans, brother of The Edge. In 1987 the band disbanded, and three members, Strongman (Trevor Rowen), Mary (D’Nellon) and Dave-Id Bursaras formed The Prunes. Nada was the second album released as The Prunes.

Nada features the song “In the Night” which features an appearance by The Edge on guitar. The Edge and his then wife, Aislinn helped to fund the first Prunes album, as a favor to Strongman who was married to Aislinn’s sister Rachel at the time. The song “In the Night” featured a guitar piece by The Edge and was originally recorded for The Prunes first album Lite Fantastik but was held until the second album in 1989. The remainder of Nada was recorded in July and August 1989 and was co-produced and engineered by Ian Bryan.

Although no credit is given to the Edge on the album itself specific to this song, the album does include “Special thanks to Edge and Aislinn” on the interior booklet and on the back sleeve.

Liner Notes

Composition, Arrangement, Production: The Prunes
Mary: Guitar, Voice
Strongman: Bass
Dave-Id: Vocals on “Loaded in a Crazy Dream of Hell” and “Sol Sunset”
Special thanks to Edge and Aislinn


Design / Artwork: Rachel O’Sullivan
Photography: Arthur Browne

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