"The Spirit of Christmas" - Smith, Michael W. & Friends


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Full Track Listing:

  • The Miracle of Christmas
  • It’s the Most Wonderful TIme of the Year
  • Happy Holiday / Holiday Season
  • Christmas Time is Here
  • White Christmas
  • Somewhere in my Memory
  • The Spirit of Christmas
  • Silent Night
  • What Child is This
  • Almost There
  • All is Well
  • Christmas Day
  • The Darkest Midnight
  • Peace

Background Information

Announced on August 12, 2014, “The Spirit of Christmas” is a Christmas album by artist, Michael W. Smith. For the album he approached a number of artists to contribute vocals, mostly country stars. Bono stands out as a sole rock and roller on the album. The album is divided into three sections, with the first being childlike and wintery, the second section deals reflections on the true meaning of Christmas, and the third section is meant to focus on what Christmas brought to the world, the birth of Jesus. It is during this third section that Bono’s contribution can be found.

“The Darkest Midnight” is an Irish traditional carol. It is part of a group of carols called the Kilmore Carols, a collection of carols that were sung in the village of Kilmore, and have spread throughout Ireland. There are thirteen in total. “The Darkest Midnight” is meant to be sung on Christmas night, while the other twelve are meant to be sung on the 12 days of Christmas. The source of the thirteen songs is widely varied, some coming from England. “The Darkest Midnight” is listed as a traditional Irish carol. The title itself likely refers to the winter solstice.

Bono’s version of the song is spoken word. Bono sounds rough of voice as he recites the lyrics to the carol against a background of music created by Smith.

Liner Notes

The Darkest Midnight:
Spoken word by Bono. Lyrics: Traditional Irish Carol. Music by Michael W. Smith. Low Whistle recorded by David Hamilton at Studiowave. Michael W. Smith: Synth. David Hamilton: Synth. Skip Cleavinger: Low Whistle. All vocals recorded by Rob Burrell at Paragon Studios (Franklin, TN), assisted by Richard Swor.

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