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40 songs re-recorded by us, re-imagined by you.

11. Terrence O’Connor / Benny Drama | Two Hearts Beat As One - Songs of Surrender

Posted: 6 Mar 2003

Terrence O’Connor is a creative director and photographer based in LA. His partner is actor and comedian Benito Skinner, known online as @Bennydrama7. The two have worked together since the day they met.

“I wanted to create a video that celebrated our relationship as gay men. There’s a symmetry that exists within, but together we are whole. Two parallel life paths that managed to intersect. Thank you to the legendary U2 for this iconic song. It is exactly how I feel. Two hearts beating as one.”

From Instagram: i went to a psychic recently and the first thing she said was that i was in love. she knew that i fell in love with ben after two days and that we often say entire sentences at the same time. my love is the centerpiece of my life, around which all things revolve and without which i would be very lost. two hearts beating as one. thank you to the legendary @u2 #U2SOS40 directed by me ♥ starring me , my love @bennydrama7 , and angel among us @pureheartsessions

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12. Ella Mai Weisskamp | Dirty Day - Songs of Surrender

Posted: 7 March 2023

Ella is a Los Angeles based photographer, originally from Australia. Self taught and driven by other artists. She finds herself immersed in all mediums of art, whether it’s music, painting, writing poetry, playing her guitar. Passionate about creating and enjoying the beautiful landscape that the west coast has to offer.

"A lot of inspiration was drawn from the idea of adolescence… the idea of youth, carelessness and how we all come together as one at the end of the day. The term “Dirty Day” really spoke to me, I feel we can all relate to those fleeting moments in life that feel tender… yet you still have the dirt underneath your nails, the sweat on your back. It was raw and honest material that I wanted to capture. I knew I wanted the visuals to flow with the lyrics, I knew I wanted other artists to be involved in this project. To see everyone rally around and support, to see the group of young, passionate creatives I’ve welcomed into my life and vice versa was the most liberating moment through all of this."

"U2 has had a huge impact in my life. I come from a small-town in Australia and it was always my Dad blasting every album by them in his truck as we’d drive to the local ice cream shop or heading to the public pool. The amount of posters I’d watch him hang in our house, the amount of times I’d hear him sing “It’s a beautiful day” as I’d run to give him a hug. Bono was all I knew when it came to my Dad, I really can’t think of any other artist or band that I’d listen to with him. He came to visit me in the states a few years ago and the first thing he said was “When are we going to Joshua Tree?” U2 has been some sort of symbol in my life that connects me to my Dad, so this project was very emotional for me. I’m still pinching myself."

From Instagram: "U2 commissioned a video for me?! For ME! Growing up in a small town, in the back of my dads truck listening to U2 endlessly, running into my Dads arms as he sings “it’s a beautiful day” I never would’ve thought my dreams could surpass that quant small town I call home. I feel humbled and honored to have been apart of this project. Dirty Day represented youth, vulnerability, and the dirt under our nails that life inevitably brings us. Thank you to everyone involved. This one’s for you Dad and that photo of you wearing a trench coat with “U2” embroidered on it at your gallery opening in high school, and for my beautiful Mum as well who’s supported me through all my creative ambition’s I’ve had since I was a child. #U2SOS40 Directed by myself and @elan.w Special thanks to @kevinkloecker you’re the man"

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13. Dylan McGale | Red Hill Mining Town - Songs of Surrender

Posted: March 8, 2023

As a director, Dylan’s friendships with musicians inspire the worlds he builds for them. Memorable songs are made truly timeless by his visual companion that distills a moment in that artist’s journey. Loving the music enough to become it’s disciple is the foremost prerequisite. He puts the most underground artists on billboards for the world to see their potential too. Dylan even got to work with his all time favourite artist, finishing off Young Thug’s latest album roll out with a viral commercial teasing unreleased songs in a Lyft ride. Dylan’s portfolio demonstrates taste & ambition, regardless of scale— the same eye for exactness balanced by spontaneity.

"For Red Hill Mining Town, I imagined the effect a worker’s movement had to have on Bono in 1984 for him to write this classic rock ballad. There’s times when a common sentiment boils to the surface, capturing a tangible feeling on the tip of everyone’s tongue. That’s when we as artists feel the most urgency to use our skills. Making the parallel between what the song is actually about and the status of labor relations with freight workers was the aha moment. Highlighting the overlooked & underappreciated backbone of our country made me realize why there will always be a need for songs like Red Hill Mining Town. "

"As we looked for places to shoot, I went down a rabbit hole discovering the history of Cajon Pass— the first freight line across the San Bernardino Mountains. Shooting these landmarks, we met conductors, engineers & maintenance crew with a combined tenure over 65 years who validated the reason we were out there. Simply seeking their right to organize, our government's failure to address concerns grimly foreshadowed a train derailment which might have become one of the worst ecological disasters in a century."

"I distinctly remember showing my dad City of Blinding Lights on my blue iPod mini and hearing about the U2 concert my parents went to in Seattle some 10 odd years earlier. Needless to say they’re stoked about this one."

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14. Tanima Mehrotra | I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For - Songs of Surrender

Posted: March 9, 2023

Tanima is a photographer, director and artist born in India and working between New York and Los Angeles. Her work evokes a deep sense of intimacy and cultivates an intentional, generative space for both artist and subject to connect.

"I've been documenting this skate crew in Mexico City for years. They inspire me so much, and embody the kind of freedom that comes with youthful curiosity. I wanted to channel their essence in this video and make something that feels free. This song sounds like following a feeling, searching for more."

Director: Tanima Mehrotra
Produced by: Studio Puja
DP: Alejandro Torres
B-cam: Xavi Portillo

Skaters: Italo Diaz, Jorge Garcia Calva, Ed Cordero

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15. Sam Dameshek | City of Blinding Lights - Songs of Surrender

Posted: March 10, 2023

American fashion photographer Sam Dameshek lives in the intimate details of his photographs. Enamored with the classical approach to image making, his photos are about the light, color, and energy that make a scene warm and inviting. Across commercial and editorial work, video direction and still imagery, Dameshek carries this effervescence in both his professional and personal work.

Beyond photography Dameshek also co-founded luxury street wear brand Wish Me Luck, and runs an online academy for students looking to launch their careers in photography, regularly holding in person workshops for hands-on learning.

“The inspiration behind this video was derived entirely from moments reflected by the song's story in my girlfriend Haley and I's personal life. Funny enough, we were actually in the process of moving when we were filming, so all the interior scenes were shot in both my old and new home. I lived and loved in my last home, so the moving process was the first time in a while I felt like I was clearly reminiscing, while simultaneously looking forward to my new beginning. To me, City of Blinding Lights is about change as well as the ups and downs of learning yourself when you're a small fish in a big pond.

The current events of my life felt serendipitous with the song's motif and It only felt right to create something that spoke to this.”

“My experience with U2 gave me a sense of freedom with film making that I haven't had since It was a hobby in highschool. There's nothing like creating a project for a client that says hey "we trust you, do what you want." I am grateful for the opportunity and look forward to the next one.”

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16. Phil Berge | Electrical Storm - Songs of Surrender

Posted: March 13, 2023

"My name is Phil Berge and I'm a tattoo artist currently tattooing at International tattoo studio in Montreal, a shop that I co-own with 2 other partners. I have been tattooing for the last 12 years and created animation tattoos about 7 years ago. Animation tattoos have birthed from my passion of traditional animation and traditional tattooing. The combination of the two makes interesting tattoo compositions that magically come to life when photographed and animated with classic frame by frame animation methods.

For the piece, I was inspired by the old days of seeing U2 music videos on TV. Which is why I chose to use a classic vintage TV with black and grey mouths that I could animate to make it sing the song. The TV then creates an electrical storm around them to go along with the main theme of the song and had more movement to the tattoo and animation."

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17. Fromm Studio | Bad - Songs of Surrender

Posted: March 14, 2023

Fromm is a British 3D Studio by Vince Ibay and Jessica Miller. They specialize in creating eccentric and otherworldly art and design, taking inspiration from camp, kitsch and pop-culture. Their work ranges from Music Videos, Advertising, Social Media Content and Face Filters. Previously worked on projects for Spotify, The New York Times and Snapchat, and have also been featured by ItsNiceThat, Nowness and the British Fashion Council.

"We felt that our generation's addiction to digital screens would fit the themes and mood for the song. Inspired by The Lady of Shallott, we wanted to present a life lacking authenticity and the yearning for real-life experiences. With this video we have tried to reflect on the daily choice between the comfort of a digital sub-reality or facing the challenges of a flawed world."

"Our parents are huge fans of U2 and we find it amazing how a bands message can still be so relevant through different generations."

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18. Kelly Butts-Spirito | If God Will Send His Angels - Songs Of Surrender

Posted: March 14, 2023

Kelly Butts-Spirito is music video director, creative designer and event coordinator in New York City. He has directed videos for artists such as Lil Tjay and hosted significant sold out concerts/events. He started a media company called "Love, Kelly." Beyond that Kelly has guided several underground artists to major label record deals. He is 5 years sober and has been an advocate for other recovering addicts.

"I wanted to create a one minute piece of content that represented the lifetime our world has spent listening to U2. It was important to me that the video felt timeless because the band has had such an immense impact on our world over the past 40 years. I specifically wanted to show a parent sharing U2's music with their child because it reminded me of experiences I shared with my parents. To me this video represented the human experience and the passage of time in a profound yet simple way that everyone could relate to on some level."

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19. Byron Spencer | Ordinary Love - Songs Of Surrender

Posted: March 14, 2023

Byron Spencer is a multidisciplinary artist who’s work spans between photography, directing, creative direction and music. His visual work delivers pulsing hits of colour and humour that is often contrasted with under tones of emotive storytelling. He has recently shown a retrospective of his multimedia work at the Sydney Powerhouse Museum.

"I wanted to create a video that had a feeling of freedom and hope from the point of view of a child. Moving through time and catapulting into their future. I wanted to cast an expressive dancer to emphasise more emotion and give a platform show case such a genre for the youth. I wanted to have a sense of dreaming and coming of age, contrasted against the feeling of speed and time. Flying through life. And loosely inspired by the film name of which this song was originally written - ‘The Long Walk to Freedom’."

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20. Andrew Norman Wilson | The Fly - Songs Of Surrender

Posted: March 15, 2023

Andrew Norman Wilson is an artist and director based between Europe and America. Festival screenings include Sundance, the New York Film Festival, and Rotterdam. His work is in collections such as the Museum of Modern Art New York, Whitney Museum of American Art, and The Centre Pompidou.

"Burj Al Babas is a ghost town of over 700 identical baroque-style chateaus in Mudurnu, Turkey that was supposed to be a luxury development for wealthy foreigners. However, the project went bankrupt in 2019 and remains incomplete and uninhabited to this day. Viewing pictures from afar, I was struck by how Burj al Babas looked like virtual space due to the repetition of the architecture. So I hired my favorite freestyle drone pilot (@mrsteelefpv) to shoot what looks like a flythrough animation."

"Bono has described U2’s 1991 single “The Fly” as "a crank call from Hell... but [the caller] likes it there." This contradictory experience of enjoying hell resonated with our experience at Burj Al Babas, and I think that comes through in the video."

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