"Sing 2 Original Score" - Joby Talbot


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Full Track Listing

  • “Meena In Wonderland” (01:08)
  • “Taxi!” (Buster’s Theme) (01:10)
  • “Nothing To Lose” (00:47)
  • “The Whole Shaboodle” (01:11)
  • “Spacesuit Mambo” (00:29)
  • “Rosita, Star Of The Show” (00:46)
  • “Calloway’s House” (02:09)
  • “Like So Into Vintage Right Now” (03:02)
  • “Rosita Loses Out” (01:15)
  • “No One Makes Crystal Look Like A Fool” (01:55)
  • “Free Ice Cream For All Goddesses Day” (00:59)
  • “Calloway Says No” (02:08)
  • “Let’s Get This Show In Shipshape Shape” (01:03)
  • “Buster Fires Porsha” (01:27)
  • “Mr Moon, What Have You Done?” (02:43)
  • “Turns Out There’s Always A Choice” (01:41)
  • “Step Right Up Folks” (02:52)
  • “Klaus Bows To Johnny” (00:43)
  • “Meena Is Ready” (00:40)
  • “Rosita, You Have To Jump” (01:10)
  • “No Signs Of Life” (01:04)
  • “Curtain Call” (01:25)
  • “Take It Away, Raoul” (End Titles) (05:23)

Background Information

Sing 2 features Bono voicing the character of Clay Calloway, an animated lion, who has retired from rock and roll, and has to be coaxed back. Along with loaning his voice to the character, a number of songs from U2 are also used in the film. “Your Song Saved My Life” was a new U2 song written and recorded specifically for the film. Bono sings “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” in the film and on the soundtrack with Scarlett Johannson. And both “Stuck in a Moment You Can’t Get Out Of” and “Where the Streets Have No Name” are sung by characters other than Bono’s in the film.

The soundtrack featuring the songs above was released on December 18, 2021. A few days later, an instrumental score was released for the film as well. The score was only released digitally, and is composed by Joby Talbot, and the orchestra is conducted by Pete Anthony.

Although there is little U2 content on the score album, they do get a writing credit on one of the songs. The song “Calloway Says No” is an instrumental which plays prior to “Stuck in a Moment” in the film. All four members of U2 are credited with a writing credit on the song. Listening to the instrumental it becomes apparant why. Toward the end of the song the sing “Your Song Saved My Life” can be heard.

Talbot who composed the soundtrack is a one time member of Northern Ireland’s pop band, The Divine Comedy. He was born in the UK, and joined The Divine Comedy between 1993 and 2002. He has worked extensively with popular musicians including Travis, Paul McCartney and Tom Jones. Talbot has been working with the director of Sing 2 over the years on a number of film scores including both Sing films.

To date a physical version of the score has not been issued. However, the album has been released on most digital services, and is available in high definition as well as the usual quality downloads and streaming tracks.

Liner Notes

Pete Anthony, Conductor – David Howell Evans, Composer – Adam Clayton, Composer – Joby Talbot, Composer, MainArtist – Larry Mullen JR., Composer – Paul Hewson, Composer – Universal Pictures Music (ASCAP), MusicPublisher

2021 Universal Studios 2021 Back Lot Music, a division of Universal Studios Music LLLP

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