"Cold Dream Colour" - Edge, The and Paul Chavez


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Full Track Listing:

  • Heads & Presences (13:46)
  • Being (6:29)
  • Procession (12:03)
  • The Yard (See Note Below)
  • Flower Girl (4:24)
  • Bundle (4:27)
  • The Family (13:34)
  • Bass Song (4:01)

(Although listed as having the above eight tracks, the CD only has seven, it is thought that “The Yard” is the track which is missing)

Background Information

The art performance “Cold Dream Colour” was directed by Morleigh Steinberg, the wife of The Edge. The piece is a dance homage to Irish artists, Louis le Brocquy. The artist is a painter who had worked in illustration, print and tapestry. The performance is an evening of dance based on le Brocquy’s paintings. The choreography is by Oguri, Liz Roche, and Moreligh Steinberg. The piece debuted in November 2010 in Dublin.

During the May 2012 performances in California, a CDR of the music was made available for purchase for a price of $10. The music was compiled by The Edge with Paul Chavez. Chavez also goes by the name “FeltLike” and is credited as such on the website for the performance, but it is Chavez that is used on the CD. The score lists eight songs on the packaging for the CD, but only seven songs are contained on the CD. It is thought that the track “The Yard” is missing from the compilation, resulting in a total length of 59 minutes, when the full performance runs for 75 minutes.

Attempts to purchase the CD from Arcane Collective directly have been met with an email that states “There are no available copies of the score at this moment. We are currently setting up performances for 2013, if you keep an eye on the website you will see all performance details listed as soon as they are confirmed.” The next performances of the piece were held in May 2013, and The Edge was present to speak about the work. However, the CD was not available for sale at either of these performances, and remains unique to the performance in California.

Liner Notes

Cold Dream Colour:
A dance homage to Louis le Brocquy. Artistic director: Morleigh Steinberg. Original music composition: The Edge and Paul Chavez.

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