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In July 2008, at the same time, remastered editions of U2’s Boy, October and War were released. Each remaster was available with a second disc of bonus tracks as a deluxe edition. Originally Under a Blood Red Sky was planned for release as well but the release of that CD was pushed back to September of 2008.

There were two box sets issued, to contain these releases. Each was big enough to contain four CDs, leaving room for Under a Blood Red Sky to be added down the road.

The USA release was titled “1977-1984” and was an exclusive to online retailer Amazon. The box was sold containing the three deluxe USA pressings, and also added a poster to the set to fill up the space left for Under a Blood Red Sky. Originally it was planned to be released on the same day that the releases were available in stores, but just prior to release shipment was delayed a week on this item.

The UK release was titled different, “1980-1983” and was an exclusive to the Zaavi chain of stores in the UK and Ireland. The box was marked as a promotional item in the UK, and was given away free with the purchase of the three remastered deluxe editions at stores. Although it claims to have come with a poster, it never did, and this notation was left over from the artwork used for the USA. Later, these were filled with the remastered CDs, first just “Boy”, “October” and “War”, and later on with “Under a Blood Red Sky” and sold in shops as a complete box. The version of the CDs contained within was the same as the stand alone versions sold in the UK.

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