"2 Date" - U2

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Background Information

This promotional release came at the same time as the single for “When Love Comes to Town”, and was released to radio programmers to highlight the U2 back catalog of releases. The cover of the release was similar to other promotional singles released at that time with a stylized U2 logo and no photograph of the band. The vinyl was black, and it was released with a generic Island Records label on the vinyl.

The promotional release contained one song from each album released up to that time including the current album, “Rattle and Hum”. The album also included “Bad” from the EP “Wide Awake in America”. All versions released on this promotional release were the same as those released on the albums.

The back sleeve had a write up about each album, under an image of the album itself. It was a nice summary of the U2 catalog at that time.

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