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In Europe, in 2001, the majority of the U2 catalog was re-released as multipacks. This was done as two packs in most countries, but there were also an alternate set of collections, where three CDs were packaged together. The pressings included in this box are the French pressings, and they contain the Island Masters CDs where applicable. Each was labelled with an exterior catalog number on the cardboard slipcase. Inside the slipcase were the CD pressings in their normal shrink wrapped state – packaged in regular jewel boxes. The only addition in these sets was the exterior cardboard slipcase.

The two three packs were “Boy”, “Under a Blood Red Sky” and “The Unforgettable Fire” packaged together, and “October”, “War” and “Wide Awake in America” packaged together. These were the same CDs that were packaged together into three 2-packs as well at close to the same time.

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