"Achtung Baby 20th Anniversary Edition Sampler" - U2

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This was a single CDR issued to promote the 20th anniversary release of Achtung Baby in 2011. The disc highlighted a number of high profile songs from the album (All five singles are represented here) as well as two b-sides, “Satellite of Love” and “Where Did it All Go Wrong?”. And finally it also revealed the new song “Blow Your House Down” which was being delivered to radio for promotion for this release. The disc is printed with information about the tracks, and was released in a plastic wallet with a full colour printed insert.

As the new song was included, a water mark was said to be encoded into the CDR allowing for the identification of the user. The CDs are also individually numbered on the front side under a warning that says “Restricted Release Watermarked Disc” and “This CD Belongs To:” The smaller print mentions that “This specfic CD has been individually marked with a unique code that allows Universal music to track any copies made from it back to you (including distributed on the internet).”

The mix of “Blow Your House Down” is the same as that which was released on the album, but perhaps interesting to some here it was titled the “Analogue Mix Bono Edit”. The initial track list for the album released on Universal UK included the following tracks:

  • Lady with the spinning head (UV1)
  • Blow Your House – Analogue Mix Bono Edit 190711
  • Salome
  • Even Better Than the Real Thing (Single)
  • Satelite of love
  • Wild Horses (Temple Bar Remix)
  • Heaven And Hell – In Truth Mix 211711
  • Oh Berlin – Analogue Mix 1 190711 (needs an edit)
  • Near the Island (instr) Night train from Rostock.
  • Down All The Days (Vsn 1) [CD#4/07] (needs edits)
  • Paint it black
  • Fortunate Son
  • Alex Descends into Hell for a bottle of Milk/Korova
  • Where did it all go wrong
  • Everybody loves a winner edit between take 2+3
  • Real Thing (Fish out of water mix)
    It is interesting to see that these editing notes made it out of the studio, and even so far as to appear on this promotional CD.

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