"Achtung Baby Solicitation Kit" - U2

Promotional Release

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Background Information

This promotional press kit was released in a box which was 8.5” x 11” x 1”. The box opens with velcro tabs, and inside the box are contained several items:

  • Solicitation VHS Video (SAC 422)
  • Solicitation Cassette (SAC 422)
  • 4-Page Brochure with Band History and Photos
  • 5-Page Island Records Marketing Plan for Album
  • The inside cover of the box has a short text piece and the album logo.

This promotional item was released in advance of the album, and contained a cassette sampler which featured edits of various tracks that would appear on the album. On the cassette the songs all run together. The songs are not from final edit of the album, and “Mysterious Ways” and “One” have obvious differences from the album versions. These are likely edits of an earlier studio version of the songs, as this box was pressed in advance of the album. At the time of this kit “Until the End of the World” was also being considered as a single for the album.

The video cassette in the kit is 4:40 in length, and contains footage of the band making “Achtung Baby”, announces the album name, and it details release plans for “The Fly” and other singles. The video cassette is in the North American NTSC video format, and comes complete with it’s own unique cardboard case. The sticker on the video cassette labels this video as the “U2 Album Promotion”, and the cover labels it as the “Achtung Baby Solicitation Video”.

Liner Notes

See liner notes for Achtung Baby album.

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