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The “Achtung Baby Users Kit” was a special packaging promotion similar to the “Rattle and Hum” flight case, and “The Joshua Tree” Pizza box. The kit was a tool kit which came in a vinyl case (outside in a canvas like material) which was wrapped up and sealed with a tie. The side facing out listed “Achtung Baby – Ac-toong Bay-bi – Users Kit”. The inside is a vinyl material which has pockets in which to hold individual items that were stocked in the kit.

Items contained within the kit include a Map of Berlin with other U2 imagery on the back side, the “Achtung Baby” CD, the “Achtung Baby” cassette, a keychain with an image of a Trabant on it and the album logo, a spanner, torch and screwdriver. In some versions the screwdriver had a red handle and in others it was blue. The colour of the ribbon holding the kit together is also said to vary.

The kit was reportedly limited to 200 copies. Some copies did not come with the keychain. The version of the CD and cassette that are included are from the UK.

In a feature done for Record Collector magazine, this promo was listed among the “Top 60 U2 Collectibles” and came in on the list at #10.

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