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“Ahimsa” was released a single on November 22, 2019 on digital storefronts and streaming services. The single by U2 and A.R. Rahman was created to promote the upcoming tour stop in Mumbai, U2’s first in India. On the same day that the single was released commercially, a one-track promotional release was sent to radio by Universal Music.

The one-track promo was a digital release, sent directly to radio stations by Universal’s promotional services. The promotional copy with the release included, “To mark U2’s first ever visit to India, Island Records yesterday announced the release of a new track titled ‘Ahimsa’ from U2 and legendary composer A.R. Rahman. ‘Ahimsa’ – the Sanskrit word for non-violence – celebrates the spiritual diversity of India and connects the ethos of U2 with the mastery of A.R. Rahman. The collaboration comes less than one month ahead of U2’s first ever show in India with the arrival of The Joshua Tree Tour in Mumbai on 15 December 2019.”

The promotional track sent is identical to the commercial version of the song. And the artwork for the promotional single matches that of the commercial single. No physical singles were produced for promotion to our knowledge, although we are aware that there are bootleg singles claiming to be official.

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Produced by Duncan Stewart.

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