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“All Because of You” was the second single from U2’s 2004 album How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb, but only in North America. In other territories, “Sometimes You Can’t Make it on Your Own” was the second single. The commercial “All Because of You” single was released February 8, 2005 in Canada, with the USA and Mexico receiving only promotional versions. The Canadian single was issued on a two-track CD featuring the album version of “All Because of You” along with “Fast Cars (Jacknife Lee Mix).” This track, along with several others, was also used as a B-side on the “Sometimes You Can’t Make it on Your Own” single when it was released in other territories that same month. (In these other markets “All Because of You” would be released later, in October 2005, as the final single from “How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb”. Because of the different release dates and different bonus tracks, that fall 2005 release has a separate discography entry.) It is unknown why U2 elected to release “All Because of You” so much earlier in North America, but a little over a month later, “Sometimes You Can’t Make it on Your Own” was also released there, and the Canadian single included the additional b-sides that had already appeared on the “Sometimes” single internationally.

The Canadian release of “All Because of You” proved to be popular, with fans worldwide searching for a copy. Three weeks after the first pressing of the single, a second pressing was done to meet the initial demand for orders of the single.

A video for “All Because of You,” directed by Phil Joanou, was filmed on November 22, 2004. The band rented a flatbed truck and performed the song on the back of it as it moved them and their equipment across Manhattan. They performed the song multiple times as the truck made its way through New York City and finally crossed into Brooklyn, where a concert stage had been set up and U2 performed live under the Brooklyn Bridge for a TV special. The video shoot began around 11am near Columbia University and then worked its way through Manhattan, crossing Manhattan Bridge into Brooklyn at 4pm. This video would be used for both the spring release of “All Because of You” in North America and the October release of the single in Europe and Australia. (Live performances from Toronto in September of 2005 were filmed by director Lian Lunson for an expected second video for the fall single, but to date that video has not been released.)

“All Because of You” was a staple of early set lists on The Vertigo Tour, but would not be performed as often toward the end of the tour. It was performed a total of 96 times out of 131 dates. The song has not been played live since that time. The B-side “Fast Cars” (also a bonus track on some versions of the How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb album) was also played a few times on the third leg of The Vertigo Tour, but only sporadically. A live version of “All Because of You” recorded at the Brooklyn Bridge concert was released on the iTunes EP “Live from Under the Brooklyn Bridge.” A live performance from May 9, 2005 in Chicago, IL was released on the “U2 Live: Vertigo 2005” promotional CD as well as the Vertigo 2005: Live from Chicago DVD.

The album version of “All Because of You” has not appeared on any U2 compilations to date. The song was remixed into a “Single Version” for the fall release in Europe, Asia and Australia. Another remix, the “Killahurtz Fly Mix,” was included on some formats of the “City of Blinding Lights” single. An early “Alternative Mix” of “All Because of You,” featuring different lyrics, was included on the Unreleased and Rare album of The Complete U2 on iTunes, as well as on the fan club CD Medium, Rare & Remastered. “Fast Cars (Jacknife Lee Mix)” appeared on some versions of the “Sometimes You Can’t Make It On Your Own” single, as well as on the fan club album Artificial Horizon.

Liner Notes

All Because of You:
Music by U2 // Lyrics by Bono // Produced by Steve Lillywhite // Recorded by Carl Glanville // Assisted by Chris Heaney // Mixed by Flood // Assisted by Kieran Lynch // Backing Vocals by The Edge // Keyboards by Jacknife Lee

Fast Cars (Jacknife Lee Mix):
Music by U2 // Lyrics by Bono with The Edge // Produced by Steve Lillywhite // Recorded by Carl Glanville // Assisted by Chris Heaney // Keyboards by Jacknife Lee // Additional Production and Mix by Jacknife Lee.

Audio post production: Cheryl Engels at Partial Productions Inc. Mastering: Arnie Acosta at Bernie Grundman Mastering, Hollywood.


Photography by Andrew MacPherson. Design by Four5One Creative.

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