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“Angel of Harlem” was the second single for “Rattle and Hum”, and promotional releases started appearing for the song soon after the release of the album. Although no commercial CD was released in the USA, a promotional CD was issued. This CD contained just one track, “Angel of Harlem” and unlike “Desire” was released in just a plain generic jewel case with no inserts. In Japan some copies of the commercial CD were also used for promotion, and these copies were stickered with a red promotional sticker, usually on the front cover.

Most of the 7-inch singles used for promotion contained “Angel of Harlem” and “A Room at the Heartbreak Hotel” as the commercial single did. These included releases in Canada (same as the commercial single but with a larger hole in the center for juke boxes) and Japan (additional promotional information on label, and promo sticker on the cover). In the USA, a white label 7-inch single was produced which contained “Angel of Harlem” on both sides.

A 12-inch single with a unique sleeve was produced for Italy. The cover features a large “U2” across the top, then “Angel” in the middle, and “Of Harlem” on the third line. Each covers 1/3 of the cover. The single is done similar to the Desire 9:23 covers, and is black on black, thus allowing the print only to be seen at certain angles. In the “O” of the title, is the picture of Billie Holiday in black and white that was used on the label of most pressings. Only 200 copies are said to exist, and the tracks (and indeed the vinyl) are the same as on the commercial 12-inch single. A 12-inch promo was also produced for the USA market, with white labels, and containing the same tracks as the commercial single. It was sent out in a picture sleeve.

In Italy a 7-inch pressing of the single was done for juke boxes and was released with a number of unique sleeves. This was backed with “Anchorage” by Michelle Shocked. More information about these Italian juke box singles can be found under the specific discography entry for these singles. Likewise in Brazil, a 12-inch pressing with “Angel of Harlem” was released, but was backed by “Fine Time” by New Order. Further information on these Brazil 12-inch pressings can be found in a separate discography entry.

Of note, is that on most pressings the version of “Angel of Harlem” is only listed as being 3:42 in length. However, on the Canadian releases, it is clearly labeled as a remix. This is because the version used on the single is a different mix of the title track from the version used on “Rattle and Hum”. And indeed is different on all of the pressings of the single, including the promotional releases. For more information on the single “Angel of Harlem”, including information about the song, how it charted, and the songs included on international releases, please see our discography entry for the “Angel of Harlem” single.

Liner Notes

Angel of Harlem (Remix):
Words by Bono. Music by U2. Produced by Jimmy Iovine. Recorded by Cowboy Jack Clement and Dave Ferguson. Additional recording by Dave Tickle. Remixed by Shelly Yakus. Assisted by Rob Jacobs and Randy Wine. Organ by Joey Miskulin. Horns by the Memphis Horns.

A Room at the Heartbreak Hotel:
Words by Bono. Music by U2. Produced by Jimmy Iovine and U2. Recorded by Dave Tickle. Additional recording and brass by Paul Barrett. Assisted by Ian Bryan and Willie Mannion. Mixed by Paul Barrett. Backing Vocals: Maxine Waters and Julia Waters.

Love Rescue Me (Live):
Words by Bono and Bob Dylan. Music by U2. Produced by Jimmy Iovine. Recorded by Andy Rose on the Fleetwood Mobile, at the Smile Jamaica concert, Dominion Theatre, London, Sunday October 16th, 1988. Mixed by Dave Tickle. Guitar by Keith Richards. Vocals by Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers. Horns by the Rumour Horns section. All proceeds from this song are donated to the Smile Jamaica Fund.

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