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This rare commercial release of “Bad” was done for the South African market and was released by Island / Priority Records in a generic sleeve. The single featured “Bad” on the A-side, and “A Sort of Homecoming” on the B-side. Both were studio versions of the track. The version of “Bad” is listed as being 4:20 in length, and “A Sort of Homecoming” is listed at 4:00 which would make both an edit of the album track. This single was released at the same time that “Wide Awake in America” was being released in North America, and thus there may have been a push for an additional single in South Africa as well, resulting in this single. The single is exceptionally hard to find, and I have not been able to confirm the length of the songs on either side of this release. If you should happen to have a copy please contact us if you are willing to provide more information.

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  • 100 Greatest Alternative Singles of the 80’s: #13 (Compiled by Chris Gerard at popmatters.com)

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