"Beautiful Day (Live from Slane Castle)" - U2

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In late 2003, iTunes was still a relatively new service in the USA, and just freshly launched for the Windows environment. U2 had been early supporters of the store, and Bono had even appeared in early launch announcements about the store. When U2 released “Go Home: Live from Slane Castle” on DVD in November of 2003, they also released a “digital single” through iTunes, consisting of one track, “Beautiful Day” taken from that release. Although taken from the same source as the Slane DVD, the audio track is edited slightly different, resulting in a longer track in audio format at 4:36 instead of 4:24. The eventual release of the Slane Concert show on CD through the fan club used the same editing as the DVD version of the track. The version sold through the iTunes music store does match up with the edit of the song which appeared on the promotional release “U2 Live: Slane Castle” which was released in Mexico.

For a few days when first made available, a second digital single was also available, which was “Elevation”, also from the Slane Concert performance. This track had to be purchased separately. While the “Beautiful Day” track was available for several months, “Elevation” was removed from the iTunes music catalog after only a few days.

This digital single was made available only in the US iTunes store. At the time of release, it was the only iTunes store and other international stores did not exist.

The cover artwork embedded in the release is a live photograph from the Slane Concert show from behind the band. All four members of the band are included in the shot.

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No traditional liner notes in this digital release.

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