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“Beautiful Day” was the first single released to promote “All That You Can’t Leave Behind”. The commercial version of the single was released in October 2000, but promotional copies of the release began to appear in September 2000. The image used for the cover of the early promotional singles featured a grey photo with the four members of U2 photographed on the beach, photographed by Anton Corbijn in the south of France. The commercial singles would carry a very different photograph.

Two 12-inch promotional singles were issued. The first was a one-sided promotional release in the UK, where the single came in a generic black diecut sleeve, with a sticker applied announcing the contents of the single. This single contained the Quincey and Sonance remix of the title track. The second 12-inch single was issued in the USA and contained the Quincey and Sonance remix on one side, and The Perfecto Mix on the other side. The USA release was released in a generic Interscope sleeve.

A number of promotional CDs were pressed worldwide to promote the single, and these started appearing in early September 2000. In the UK, US, and in Argentina, a single song 5-inch CD was pressed containing the album version of “Beautiful Day”. All three contained the image of U2 on the beach. In Mexico and Poland, arriving a little later, were two remix promos, both on 5-inch CD. Both releases contained the “Quincey and Sonance Edit”, the “Quincey and Sonance Mix” and the “Album version” of “Beautiful Day” and both were released in generic cardboard sleeves. The Mexican promo features an image of U2 standing at the airport on the disc, and the Polish release features an image that would appear on the commercial singles on the disc. As well as these specifically pressed for promotion CDs, in Japan the commercial single would be used for promotion. Copies used for promotion would be marked sample on the CD, and the UPC would be covered with a promotional sticker. In Argentina copies of the commercial CDs were used as well, with the CD being labeled “Difusion prohibida su venta” on the label side of the CD.

A number of CDR copies of the “Beautiful Day” promotional releases would circulate. Most of these were sent out in a plain plastic wallet with a paper insert that listed the tracks. One of these dated October 6, 2000 featured the “Quincey and Sonance Edit”, while a version marked October 16, 2000 would feature both the edit and the full mix of the remix by Quincey and Sonance. The earliest of these is dated September 5, 2000 and contains all of the tracks found on the two commercial singles in the UK.

Liner Notes

Beautiful Day (Radio Edit) – See Quincey and Sonance Edit
Beautiful Day (Club Mix) – See Quincey and Sonance Mix

Beautiful Day:
Music by U2. Lyrics by Bono. Produced by Daniel Lanois & Brian Eno. Engineered by Richard Rainey. Mixed by Steve Lillywhite. Additional engineering by Tim Palmer and Stephen Harris. Keyboards/programming by Brian Eno. Backing vocals by The Edge and Daniel Lanois. Published by PolyGram iInternational Music Publishing B.V. except Blue Mountain Music Ltd. (UK), Mother Music (IRL)

Beautiful Day (Quincey and Sonance Remixes):
Music by U2. Lyrics by Bono. Produced by Daniel Lanois and Brian Eno. Engineered by Richard Raimey. Additional Engineering by Tim Palmer and Stephen Harris. Keyboards and Programming by Brian Eno. Backing Vocals by the Edge and Daniel Lanois. Remixed by Quincey and Sonance at RGB Studios, Belfast. Published by Polygram International Music Publishing BV.

Beautiful Day (Perfecto Remixes):
Music by U2. Lyrics by Bono. Produced by Daniel Lanois and Brian Eno. Remixed by Paul Oakenfold and Andy Gray. Published by Polygram International Music Publishing BV.

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