"Beautiful Day (The Perfecto Mixes)" - U2

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In 2000, when U2 was releasing “Beautiful Day”, one of the producers approached to remix the song for the single was Paul Oakenfold, who U2 had worked extensively with in the past, on remixes of “Even Better Than the Real Thing”, “Lemon”, and he had even opened concerts for the band. His remix of “Beautiful Day” was called “The Perfecto Mix” and was widely released on official singles and promotional releases. Oakenfold also produced a more instrumental version of the song called “The Perfecto Dub” which was never released on any U2 release.

However, “The Perfecto Dub” was released on a two-sided white label vinyl. It was the b-side to the main remix “Beautiful Day (The Perfecto Mix)”. The vinyl was released only with white labels, with U2 written in the center of the A-side. There was no further identification on the record, and it came in a generic white sleeve. The record was pressed by Paul Oakenfold, and used not only in his own DJ sets, but also circulated to fellow DJs and fans of Oakenfold. It is relatively easy to obtain with a bit of a search, but this release was not officially sanctioned by Island. Normally we wouldn’t list such items here, but it is a grey area, where Oakenfold was working with the band to produce the remix and was the person behind this vinyl pressing.

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