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In November 2002, U2 had released “The Best of 1990 – 2000” and to help promote the album Interscope Records distributed this promotional release with an interview with the Edge to promote the release of the compilation. The disc was 15:13 in length. It featured the Edge answering 11 questions. The interviewer is not present on the recording and the questions were provided to radio stations so that they could make it appear that they were conducting the interview themselves. The 11 questions were as follows:

  • This will be U2’s second “Best Of” collection, looking back over two decades, do you have any preference for the ’80s or ’90s in terms of U2’s musical output?
  • As a decade, what did the ’90s mean to U2, both musically and as a time/era?
  • Do you see U2’s music as political?
  • “One” is a song which seems to have taken on different meanings over time, what does that song mean to you?
  • Would it be fair to say that the ’90s was a period of contradiction for the band?
  • Four songs on the “Best Of” collection are new mixes, why did that come about?
  • “Until the End of the World” is included on this collection, for some this may seem like an odd choice?
  • “Electrical Storm,” your new single, is one of two new songs on this album. Is it difficult releasing a new song somewhat in isolation, in terms of it not being part of an album of new material?
  • U2 are renowned for their live shows, what was your experience of playing America so soon after September 11th?
  • “Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me” was written for the “Batman Forever” soundtrack, how did that come about?
  • The other new song on the album is “The Hands that Built America,” which is the theme for the new Scorsese film “Gangs of New York.” Can you tell me more about the song?

The release was a CDR and was released in a regular jewel case with a back insert only. The back insert was on plain white paper with black print. It was often accompanied by the above list of questions, as well as an introduction note from Interscope Records, and clearly stating that this interview was not exclusive to one particular station.

Released in conjunction with the Best of 1990 – 2000, this interview disc contains an interview with the Edge which is 15:13 in length. Only The Edge’s answers are present on the disc. This is a CDR promo which was released in a regular jewel case, with no front cover, just a back insert.

Liner Notes

Island Records. Album – Best of 90 – 00. Larry & Edge Interview. Promo use only – not for resale.

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