"Big Girls are Best" - U2

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For a limited time at select stores, when consumers bought “All That You Can’t Leave Behind” at midnight openings in the USA, they could buy a version of the album with an extra bonus disc, either “Summer Rain” or “Always”. About a month later, in November 2000, a third offer came to light, in which users who bought the album would receive a free bonus CD with the song “Big Girls are Best”. That release of “Big Girls are Best” was a one track CD, released in a card sleeve, with a sticker that listed the name of the release, as well as the catalog number.

Liner Notes

Big Girls are Best:
Music by U2. Lyrics by Bono and the Edge. Produced by Howie B and Flood. Assisted by Rob Kirwan. Engineered by Flood. Programming by Howie B. Original mix by Flood. Final mix and additional programming by Tim Palmer at Scream Studios, Los Angeles.

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