"Cassette Sampler 1986" - U2

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Background Information

This is a promotional only cassette that was pressed in Canada for promotion of U2’s catalog between the release of “Wide Awake in America” and “The Joshua Tree”. As most promotional items in Canada are just the commercial single with promotional markings, or copies of the American promotional items, a unique pressed cassette for promotion was a nice bonus for the Canadian market. A poster released at the same time, used the same artwork as this cassette, and featured pictures of U2’s albums below, including the EP “Wide Awake in America”.

The cassette was made up of a number of tracks taken from other releases in U2’s discography. From “Boy” they used “I Will Follow”. From “October” they used “Gloria”. “Sunday Bloody Sunday”, “Two Hearts Beat As One”, and “40” were taken from “War”. Two tracks appear from “Under a Blood Red Sky”, “11 O’Clock Tick Tock” (called “Eleven O’Clock Tick Tock” here) and “New Year’s Day”. Side two was made up of tracks from “The Unforgettable Fire” (“A Sort of Homecoming”, “The Unforgettable Fire”, “4th of July”) and from “Wide Awake in America” (“The Three Sunrises” and “Bad (Live from Birmingham)”. All of the tracks used on the cassette are the album versions of the songs, and match up with those versions found on the Canadian releases. The two tracks from “Under a Blood Red Sky” do fade in and out, which is different from the album itself.

This cassette is quite rare and does not pop up often.

Liner Notes

For promotional use only.

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